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Strange Dream

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Strange Dream
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Strange Dream
Post # 1
From lat night I have ah a dream which I am really confused on what all of it means I tried to seek answers on the internet but they are many different meanings and I'm stuck on what this dream could mean:

I picked up this black round bowl. This bowl was in a reasonable condition. The bowl was all black but had golden coloured crack prints on it. Until it smashed. So I decided to make another bowl. The way to make another one was to kill a green stegosaurus. So I killed one and dragged its lifeless body down a dark hall and into a room. But I also needed some other materials to do so for making this bowl. I placed it in front of me until one of my old science teachers called Mr. Stevenson. He appeared to buy something off me. I asked him if he had something that I wanted but it looked as if he didn't that's why he walked off in the room to give me a blue unlit candle and accepted it.
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Re: Strange Dream
Post # 2
try tarot it many help
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Re: Strange Dream
Post # 3
I have been having prophetic dreams since as long as I can dream. The dream world for me is my get away, sanctuary, I love dreaming. I too am looking on how to control these dreams, and also figure out how I can figure out a dream from a prophetic dream also I would love to make them happen for often. But I have still yet to find anyone, to help me!

what intrigues me about your dream is you said you dreamt about a sstegosaurus. I never have had dreams of dinosaurs or mythical animals. My dreams have always been like the real world.

I hope you find your anwsers an help you need goodluck! :)!
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Re: Strange Dream
By: / Novice
Post # 4
First, while some dreams can help us, don't do something bold because a dream told me to. Like with fortunes get the reading, accept what it says and move on.

Bowls are seen as a symbol for a womb and is therefore seen as female. It also symbolizes security and the condition of this bowl could reflect a romantic relationship and how you perceive you are treated. Black is usually a negative colour, while it could represent positive change, it's more often associated with the unknown and a lack of love.

Dinosaurs symbolize outdated attitudes and you hunting it probably means ending an old thought pattern or relationship that is holding you back. Since you drag the body it is probably telling you that you have found the thing you wish to leave in the past but you still carry the burdon with you [guilt for example] the hallway also backs up this hypothesis since they represent transition and spiritual/subconscious exploration.

Your teacher is someone who educates and guides you and his appearance in the dream could symbolize there is something you must learn. Think about your teachers qualities. There could be something you admire about your teacher which you wish you could emulate, or perhaps they give good advice and you need to speak with them about something. Unlit candles denote disappointment, but blue from a magickal standpoint is healing. Perhaps you will heal by confronting your problem but it will end in sorrow.
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