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Kabbalah for all!

Forums ► Other Paths ► Kabbalah for all!

Kabbalah for all!
Post # 1
I imagine you are all sick of the fluff passing as 'genuine occult knowledge' so I will give you an intro as to the practical Kabbalah (nothing to do with britney spears fluff). There is no instant success formula regarding kabbalah, there are some things you have to know before you go on.

The 4 worlds.
These are planes of existance, or if you like realms of frequency and vibration.
So we have....
Atziluth - the world of emanation (this refers to original thought, or a need that needs a solution, you could say it is where a concept comes into being)

Briah - the world of creation (this is where you have a vision as to a solution, you could say it is where a concept comes into being)

Yetzirah - the world of formation (but in order for a vision or concept to become physical it has to have blueprints in order to make a physical product)

Assiah - the world of action (and thus with tools and the like we manufacture what we envisioned and bring it into the 'real world' which is the physical world)

So I walk into a room and have to sit down (need)
I can see that a chair can satify that need (vision)
But I want an idea of what that chair is in size and materials (blueprints)
So now I make the chair in order to sit down (physical)

And then we go through the same again when another need comes up, thus it is a continuous cycle.

Next we have the Tree of Life in which we see the 10 aspects of God according to the sephiroth. The sephiroth contains characteristics of existence and the individual aspects of God as we can percieve them. To try and take in all the aspects of God as a single individual would simply be too overwhelming for us. The sephira have planetary alignments...

Binah - Saturn
Chesed - Jupiter
Geburah - Mars
Tiphareth - Sun
Netzach - Venus
Hod - Mercury
Yesod - Moon
Malkuth - Earth

Kether and Chokmah have no vices and traditionally they have no planetary correspondants, that is the way the ancients saw it and it should be left that way.

With the 4 worlds it can be viewed in a Christian format..
Atziluth - the Holy spirit
Briah - Jehovah
Yetzirah - Christ
Assiah - Jesus

So to do kabbalah on this earth in this world (Malkuth in Assiah) you can either petition Adonai Ha-Aretz or Christ Jesus of Bethlehem and Nazareth. Take note: when asking Christ Jesus you are not only calling in on Assiah but also Yetzirah because the Christ is native to that world.
Also note that the Tree of Death only exists in Assiah and it is joined to the Tree of Life at this earth. What we call Malkuth, the demons call Lilith.... now you know why it is so important to demons.

....i'll continue on.... sometime.....
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Re: Kabbalah for all!
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Please don't write your beliefs as though they are fact.Kabbalah maybe your belief,but this post is very close to "preaching". Be careful of how you write things.
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Re: Kabbalah for all!
Post # 3
The 4 worlds and the 10 sephira are fundamental to kabbalah.
I am only giving knowledge which others can choose to accept or reject. I am not 'preaching' on behalf of any church, mosque, synagogue, temple or cult.
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Re: Kabbalah for all!
Post # 4

This section is dedicated to beliefs and to see such comments at every thread dedicated to a said belief it becomes frustating.

What amuse me is that the useless comments (not bad in essence but useless) aren't present at everyone's post,probably because there are people who are over authority.

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Re: Kabbalah for all!
Post # 5
With the 4 worlds the candles used within the sephira will be different in colour, eg. the colour used in the sephira of Geburah will differ between worlds.
In Atziluth the colour for Geburah will be orange, in Briah it will be red, in Yetzirah it will be scarlet and in Assiah it will be red flecked with black.
It is the colour that induces different thought/conscience waves as the vibrations of the colour along with the incense specific to that sephira along with prayers and rituals involved will instill a certain brainwave which can allow one to 'tune in' to an aspect of God that rules that sephira.
It is complicated to explain but it is a reasonable and logical way to explain how it works.

Briah is the world that most kabbalah rituals are done in, it takes 3 weeks for a ritual done in Briah to show results but it will only last 3 weeks. In Atziluth it is 4 weeks, in Yetzirah it is 2 weeks and in Assiah it is 1.
So with Kabbalah the colours of the candles and incense used are applicable in the 2 ways to practice the magic involved. The 2 ways are:
1. The Tree of Life
2. The Shem ha-Mephorash

Other factors involved are numerology, gematria, planetary days and hours and zodiacal hours can play a factor as well.
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Re: Kabbalah for all!
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
I said "very close to preaching!", because you seem to write it as "genuine occult knowledge". I am just saying, be careful how you write things. It comes across as you saying that Kabbalah is "genuine occult knowledge". But that would not be everyone's opinion of it! Although it may well be yours!
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Re: Kabbalah for all!
Post # 7
1. Tree of Life

The sephiroth (or 10 sephira) all have an aspect of God within them. It is the the one God, but look at it this way... you may be known by different people by different names whether that be your christened name, nickname, and so on. But you are still the one person, who may be known differently by different names and may behave differently to different people due to the positions you might hold by different names but at the end of the day you are you and you are one person.

Each sephira has a God aspect and an archangel, it also has a virtue and a vice (except Kether and Chokmah which have only virtues) which gives the sephira characteristics which you then use for decisions to whether you wish to conduct magic rituals in that sephira to get the result desired.

So I will list the below in the following manner....
Sephira> God aspect> Archangel> Virtue> Vice

Kether> Eheieh Asher Eheieh> Metatron> Attainment

Chokmah> Jehovah> Ratziel> Devotion

Binah> Jehovah Elohim> Tzaphkiel> Silence> Avarice

Chesed> El> Tzadkiel> Obedience> Tyranny

Geburah> Elohim Gibor> Khamael> Courage> Destruction

Tiphareth> Jehovah Aloah va Daath> Raphael> Devotion to the great work> Pride

Netzach> Jehovah Tzabaoth> Haniel> Unselfishness> Lust

Hod> Elohim Tzabaoth> Michael> Truthfulness> Dishonesty

Yesod> Shaddai El Chai> Gabriel> Independence> Idleness

Malkuth> Adonai Ha Aretz> Sandalphon> Discrimination> Inertia

The virtue and vice described above are just the classic way they have been noted, it takes study to see how they apply to you and indeed the world you are in.
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Re: Kabbalah for all!
Post # 8
thanks for posting this about the kabbalalah,
loved reading it , hope to read more :)!
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Re: Kabbalah for all!
Post # 9
I like this, thanks for posting someting which simplifies Kabbalah. I've tried to study it but have never been abel to make sens eof it before, so congratulations.
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Re: Kabbalah for all!
Post # 10
In my opinion, you have your information about Kabbalah a little confused. I am just saying...
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