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Fire in spells

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Fire in spells
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Fire in spells
Post # 1
Greetings again, All.

I have tried to find information on this subject but have found little and what little I have found has been quite confusing.

I have been running and energising a spell involving a mirror, the photographs of two people, a candle (placed over the mirror and the photographs) and incense for some time now. Last night I had a little fire related accident in the process. The candle on top of the mirror broke through its container and nearly set the whole thing alight, wax bleeding through onto the mirror and the photographs. Presumably due to the intense heat, the mirror broke in half in between the two photographs in an almost diagonal line (it didn't shatter nor separate). I quickly contained and put out the fire and cleaned up the mess.

When the emergency was over, although at the instant I was scared about what this might mean in terms of the effects of the spell, as the fog cleared and I settled down the first thought that came to my mind about the incident was 'Breakthrough'. Although I had observed small progress in the situation over the past couple of weeks the situation about which the spell is being cast was moving only very slowly and could even be considered to be stalled, and somehow the breaking of the mirror gave me the feeling of breaking through a barrier between the two photographs, somehow making one person finally 'visible' to the other.

However, I may be just trying to rationalise a potentially bad or dangerous situation. I tried to examine the wax that bled onto the spot and found that it seems to have the shape of an anemone fish, and read a bit about what an anemone fish might mean symbolically in magick. I have also read that if there is bleedthrough and mess when a candle breaks its container during a spell, it might mean that whatever the results of the work, there might be bloodshed or tears involved in the situation--some sort of emotional 'bleedthrough' involved in the outcome too.

Since this happened, it seems like everything to do with fire in the spell has become more aggressive. I lit an incense cone and it seemed to catch fire all the way down the cone, not only at the tip, and continued burning for some time needing to be blown out to kill the flame. The flame of the new candle I set up seems very vigorous, etc. I have also continued to use the same mirror with the photographs attached, somehow feeling that if the crack in the glass really does mean 'breakthrough', I should not discard it but continue working with it until the results become apparent, but at times I wonder if I should rework the spell rather than continue working with the broken mirror.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what all this might mean? Is it perhaps time to stop energising the spell, and wait for the results? Or start over and rework the spell? Or would it be good to continue until I see results out there in the physical world? Would you interpret what has happened as a good or bad omen? Does anyone know of where I can find more information on the implications of such incidents with candles/fire in spells which I could have a look at?

I have asked questions here before and am aware that the general attitude towards magick in these forums tends to be a very objective, 'non-hocus pocus' (apologies, I don't find any other way of saying it in a more serious way) one which might help me to calm down and not be quite so concerned about the incident as I am, which would be welcome and I really don't have anywhere else to go to seek advice; I would only come to a forum to ask a question, even knowing that I may get a variety of answers some of which could potentially make my confusion or fear or unease even worse, as a last resort when I have not been able to find a satisfactory answer on my own--I am very much a solitary in nature and character.

Also, although I assure you I am ready to accept any opinions offered in good faith with a good spirit even if they don't coincide with my own, a compassionate, non-judgmental response would be appreciated; I would not have resorted to a spell if I knew I didn't need it in this situation as it is rather desperate, and my life is painful enough as it is right now without reading harsh judgments on my character or what I think or feel, so I confess I am fearful of the reactions I might get, and only plea that whatever you say, you say it kindly.

Thank you for reading this and for any guidance any of you could offer.

Blessed be.

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Re: Fire in spells
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from General Info.
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Re: Fire in spells
Post # 3
Dear All,

Thank you, Theia, for moving the post to the right section, and to the other number of people who have read this message (and to the member who kindly sent me an email. Just to share...

...I think I have found my answer. I don't know about the fire thing, but it does mean something, and that's enough for me. One thing is for sure. A Harvest Blood supermoon eclipse can exercise a powerful influence over magical work, that much has become evident. Oh, and also, magick does work. It's all I really want to say.

Thanks again for reading this, even if you felt you could not answer the question I was asking. It was comforting to be able to share my unrest at any rate.

Bright blessings,
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