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Post # 1

I am interested in learning the forbidden art of necromancy. However, there are not many sources or information on it. So I post this to the forum, asking anyone who has delved into this secret art to post back to this topic with any information you have regarding death essence, death gates, shade spirits, necromancy spells and rituals, fundemental necromancy concepts, death essence manipulation, gods of death, and necromantic applications. Please post back, I am despirate for information regarding this subject.

Blessed be,

Logan D. Paul

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Re: Necromancy
Post # 2
Though you may not like the answer I give, I will still give it. Necromancy is a forbidden art for a reason. The reanimation and control of the dead and their spirits is not a light task. It takes a life to give a life. You will slowly lose your Life Energy and eventually you'll fade. The dead do not wish to be bothered. They do not want to be awakened. They are somewhere pain, illness, none of that befouls them. Leave them be. I know this may not be what you wanted to hear, but there is a reason some doors are locked. You may be afraid of what lies on the other side. I hope this finds you well. Blessed Be. A.M
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Re: Necromancy
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Necromancy is not what some think, thanks to books, video games, movies, and some tall tales. It is not the reanimation of dead bodies, nor is it the control of the dead. Necromancy is the belief that one is contacting the spirits of the dead, rather than those of angels, demons, deities, and the like.

Many people who practice necromancy will advise that the safest place to start is with honoring one's ancestors -- maybe even with an ancestral altar, and known passed loved ones are said to respond most readily.

Considering it has the suffix "mancy," it is clear by name to either be a form of divination (seeking guidance from those who have passed) or it is using divination to contact those who have passed. The more common use of the suffix is that the prefix defines what method the divination is, such as cartomancy being divination using cards. Necromancy, then (and this is coming from a non-practitioner) is using information garnered from those who have passed, via ritual, meditation, etc., as a source of divination.

Some say that those who have passed can give great insight not only from their own lives, but can also see what is going on, and offer advice based on a very wide external perspective.

But there are warnings about abusing contacts, as it is said that even beyond this life, there is plenty to do, before progressing further on -- whatever that may be. Calling too often and for frivolous reasons can (supposedly) upset or anger the spirits of the dead.

Hopefully someone can suggest some decent reference materials.
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Re: Necromancy
Post # 4
Maybe try a spiritualist church
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Re: Necromancy
Post # 5
Walking the twilight path by Michelle belanger is a great book to give a solid foundation to the Necro art. It will teach you the death practices of many culters but also has many exercises to get you started with the spiritual side of Necromancy. One to note tho is that when you first start you must have a solid reason to choose this craft mostly due to the spiritual and physical requirement to speak to the dead. So find this book but please have a good reason to study this art.
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