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Pendulum problem!

Forums ► Magic Items ► Pendulum problem!
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Pendulum problem!
Post # 1
So, I bought a pendulum from web, a clear quartz one. I really love this I feel like we're friends. But I have some serious problems and I don't know what to do. Here are my problems:

First of all, I don't feel it's vibration in no way. I cleansed it by putting it into water and cooking salt. But I did it only for five minuted because I didn't know if it would be damaged or not. I was reccomended also. I wasn't sure if it got cleansed but as I said I didn't hold it more there with the fear of it's damage.. Then after some time, I put it out in the fool moon. But the problem is that the direct viw of the full moon to crystal was less than 20 minutes.
Today this morning I put it in direct view with the sun for about 2 hours. It was exaclty when the sun rose up. Then when I touched it, I felt nothing.. And again I was afraid of letting it more because of it's destruction but I'm sure if it is that sensitive to sun. How many hoirs about do clear quartz can be in the sun?? But the problem is that when I touch this, I don't feel nothing, I feel like it was yesterday when it came..I don't feel amy change of possitive energy.

Secondly, I want to communicate most of the times with the real clear quartz and not with my subconsious. How will I understand in which of both I communicate? Because today I've test it. I was to show me a yes a d a no but I was waiting and it didn't move. I was patient and suddendly it moved. I said also that I wanted to be friends etc I was talking to the quartz. I asked "could you please show me a yes?" And it done a not clock-wise motion. Then I asked to show me no and it did a clockwise motion. After sometime, I asked it to show me yes and it did a clock wise motion. Then I've asked it to show me no, and it did and not clock-wise motion! I thanked it a lot. And then I asked to show me maybe it was moving from left to right-a d from right to left. Then, I thought to check my subconsious. So I said again to show me a yes and I was thinking the not clock-wise motion. I thought it happening. And it did! So then I thought to show me no and I was thinking the clock-wise one and it went there. So then I've understood that the ideomotor effect was happening.. That's a major problem to me because-ok communication with your subconsious can be usefull-but this period I want only to communicate with my real clear quartz pendulum and not my subconsious.
I also asked to connect to my higher self..

Furthermore I have a chakra problem with it. I chekced it on my brother. I said "could you please check this larticular cakra of my brother?". In the crown chaka it didn't moved at all. In the third eye it moved a little but anti-clockwise. Ag the throat it didn't moved at all. At the heart chakra a little clock wise. At the third one I think a little clockwise. But I couldn't check the first/last two for some reason. Now how will I understand if it was ly subconsious or the real chakra check? I also asked from the pendulum to balance the third eye of my brother. Before I did-while the pendulum was there, it was moving unti-clockwise but not in a huge cirlce. When I said to balance it, it was still moving on anti-clockwise circle. Then I tried to check it on my third eye, and it was doing a really small circle unti-clock wise. But how will I understand if I wasn't moving it? According to a really good electronic test about chakras (I think it's preety popular here), my third eye was showed as "6%". Since is that underactive shouldn't it do a big circle unti-clockwise??

That all happened today, sorry if it was too long. I hope you answer. :)
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Re: Pendulum problem!
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Hey there, I have used pendulums for many years and have yet to find a pendulum that resonates, but I feel connected to them and that is enough personally. Charging the crystal with intent may be more useful than with sunlight, moonlight etc, this personally allows it to be more connected to you and can be imbued with your intent during the process. Sunlight can damage the crystal but if it seems undamaged now and you are too nervous to put it in sunshine again then maybe not putting it in sunlight again the the best option.

If you are getting unclear opinions from the pendulum then I would not recommend using it to determine anything like chakras just yet. A pendulum can taken time to tune into you and to get its answeres straight. If it gives different answers for yes, then try using a different method, instead of clockwise and anticlockwise you could try swinging left and right or front to back as yes or no.

Clearing your mind of everything but the question you are asing the pendulum is good too, but it can take many years to stop yourself from moving it subconsciously too much, any movement from you can shift the pendulum in the direction you were hoping for, so it is best to have a clear mind, free of any hope of an answer (I know this is very tricky).

Honestly the chakra tests online, no matter how good they may seem will never be that accurate, they may be a guide but they won't be perfect because they are just an online quiz.

I hope that with time you can connect more to your pendulum and get it to work along side you.

Good luck.

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Re: Pendulum problem!
Post # 3
Yep thank you. :) The truth is I feel more connected from yesterday to it..I talk to t etc and my connection got and getting stronger. I asked it more times and then yes was clockwise and no anti-clockwise. I don't have a problem. Oh and if I use it for spirit communication how will I u derstand it's not then my subconsious??

And how often must I cleanse it and charge it? Also do some music helps for possitive enrgy? Like mantras? Yesterday I put it next to the speakers and was playing a peacefull Shova mantra. Also some of my fav songs.
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Re: Pendulum problem!
Post # 4
You can cleanse a crystal many ways, a pendulum should be cleansed ever so often and charged to keep a positive vibration through out. Placing it in water for a while won't hurt. Some cultures believe a crystal needs to sit in water for 7 days, I personally leave them to cleanse before I go to bed and pull them out in the morning. A quartz based crystal should be fine to submerge in water for as long as you'd like. If you don't want to cleanse with water you can try burning sage or insence and let the smoke cleanse it. If you have a singing bowl you can cleanse it with sound. Some crystals will dissolve and fall to bits in water but quartz is fine.

Try clearing your mind, possibly closing your eyes once a question is asked, focusing on only the question, do so for a few moments and you should see it moving. As long as you're not thinking of the answer you expect or want it to land on it should always give you a true answer. When you're using a pendulum you're already opening that spiritual gate way to your higher self, just stay in a calm and focused mood.

The moving of anti-clockwise for a pendulum, if that means a negative responce or 'no' if you programed it that way it might be indicating the chakra is spinning incorrectly, and if it's not responding at all it could be the chakra isn't spinning at all and it's blocked or inactive. All the chakras are supposed to spin in the same direction (I believe clockwise) letting out the same amount of energy for your primary seven. The way I would do a balancing with a pendulum is I hold it over the chakra, ask for it to be balanced once I'ce checked if the chakras off balance, visualizing a soft light of energy in the corresponding color (example purple for the third eye) and I wait for it to start spinning clockwise in a steady direction. I do this with all the imbalanced chakras.

Just practice with it, research on it you may find methods work great for you and some don't. I will say though in my opinion quartz is a great all around crysta because it can do just about anything and amplify energy and send it. I may be wrong on some of my own practice and the way I learned about pendulums but maybe it'll give you some ideas or help c: Have a good day!

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