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self esteem

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► self esteem
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self esteem
Post # 1
I'm having issues with constantly being rejected by guys i like and was dating 1 of them then he "forgot" everything about us. It's been pretty downhill from there.
I've always had self esteem issues but it keeps getting worse because of it.
I was wondering if there were any confidence spells that would help because i do not want to force someone to like me againsght their will.
Thank you in advance.
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Re: self esteem
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Oh,dear! You don't give your age, but I'm guessing very young?
Perhaps you are trying too hard to want others to like you,or love you. You say that you like music, so have a listen to the song The Greatest Love Of All. It will show you that in order to love others, and for others to love you, you must first love yourself!
I don't mean being selfish! I mean inwardly knowing that you are unique. That there is nobody else on Earth who is exactly like you! You are as good as anybody else. You are a child of the Universe; you have the right to be here!
Cheer up! Smile! Love is just around the corner!
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Re: self esteem
Post # 3

I guess I got the ball rolling here, and it's a big one. Sorry for the long post. Blessed be!

I have had problems with this as well, partly because this society might tell some people they are not as good as others. You need to IGNORE this, no matter what people will want you to believe--do not be a little sheep, even if it pleases them. You need to think and decide for yourself. If not, they will drag you down into depression, and worse, if you listen to people trying to make you believe you cannot do something or you cannot be who you are, which everyone deserves to be happy and free to do their will. They will want you to do what they want you to do, and what they want you to be. Morals are subjective.

You should very quickly realize that caring about what others think is utterly futile--everyone will have something to gossip about, and it quite frankly doesn't matter how much you will try to measure up--the public is never satisfied with anything. Like a mob mentality, they will rally with hatred because they like to stir these things. Speaking from one who does so as well, but it's good to always be able to break away from the group if you want, and become an individual.

The only thing that matters in your world is you, and you can only decide yourself what to do and what to be and what to see and what to learn and what to experience and what to believe.

Don't forget that your happiness is your responsibility, and you don't need to be accepted by anyone to have high self esteem. You need to work up a supply all on your own, to be self sufficient. Not to say to become totally anti-social, but sometimes being social can come with troubles. Realize that we are all humans, and all that we do can always be looked at as great gifts from the gods or as abominations--one great deed to another is a grave crime to another. To accept this, and no matter if you make mistakes or get rejected or your parents don't see eye-to-eye with you, you are still you and you are in charge of you.

It's your life, live it.

P.S Do you have a spirit guide, btw? You may call upon them, the divine, or other sources to help and aid you where you may lack. Mine have done wonderfully, they've taken me when I was ill; utterly no self control and no emotional balance... but now I have it all open and possible to me, but I am still me.... the road to improvement ends where our own lives do. But even then some debate it doesn't stop there ;)

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Re: self esteem
By: / Novice
Post # 4

Here's a technique I teach my hypnosis clients when they have confidence problems. It will actually work with almost any problem.

Decide how you want to feel. Not just confident, but decide how you will experience that confidence. How will it change you? You may be more outgoing because you are more confident. Or you may have better posture because of your confidence. However you see that confidence in yourself is right. Then, make a positive statement about your confidence. It may be something like "I am confident and outgoing in social situations." or something like that. Make sure it is positive and not negative. You don't want to say "I am not shy." You need to say what you are, not what you are not.

Now, you need a note pad and pen beside your bed. Every night, before you go to sleep, write out the statement ten times in cursive. It needs to be in cursive, not print. Make this the lat thing you do before you turn off the light and go to bed. This simple action will start a process of change within you. I have many clients who found this extremely useful.

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Re: self esteem
Post # 5
Thank you and yes I suppose I am a bit young. 17 years old actually. I've always been following other people's orders essentually. Sometimes I try not to and they usually end up being emotionally wounded. Which is why I haven't exactly been rebellious lately. I do not have any deities yet. I'm still learning about magic. Thank you all so much.
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