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Re: The Real Magic
Post # 11
I don't get it... Changing?
Changing like water to wine, metals into gold, someone's state like from joy to sadness or like what exactly?

P.S. the fact that my profile is empty means that I'm cautious about people I meet online - and being cautious is no bad thing. I may not say which books (concerning the topic) I've read, but that doesn't mean I haven't read any.
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Re: The Real Magic
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 12
Arcadian,what you must do about magic, and what I have said about changing things, is to think! You ask about changing water as though it is about the biblical miracles. So let me go further.
There are two types of magic. Natural magic; such as a caterpillar changing into a butterfly. Or "applied" magic; done by the accumulation of thousands of years of experiments and knowledge.
Now, in a tone of derision, you ask about water into wine. Well, we poor humans cannot do it. But Nature does it! The Earth feeds the grapes until they are full of water! Wine IS 90% water!
If I take some fruit (almost any fruit) and add water; it will turn into wine;the fruit is no longer fruit,the water is no longer water; both have changed into something else. That's magic!
Ask any grower of grapes, " How do the grapes turn into wine?"
And he will answer truthfully, "I don't really know! It's magic!"
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