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Love Spell Help
Post # 1
I'm kinda stuck between a rock & a hard place here because I really love this guy but obviously, he doesn't love me back & I wanted to use a love spell on him but I understand that there's an issue about free will and such but then again I just can't help that I'd like to, on the other hand, I wanted to try and just summon love to me but I'm so new to this that I'm worried I'm going to screw up a spell for that so I was wondering if anyone could help me with all of this, and I'm not willing to pay someone like 300 dollars for an iffy "maybe" situation (sorry!), if you think you can help please message me for details. Thank you.
All the best,
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Re: Love Spell Help
Post # 2
I have never heard of a love spell actually working. I would not hope that anything will work.
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Re: Love Spell Help
Post # 3
The best working spells are the ones that you cast yourself. Maybe you shouldn't start out doing a love spell, start out with something simpler. Have u ever cast any spell before?
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Re: Love Spell Help
Post # 4
My best advice to you is DO NOT do anything that will impose on anyone's free will.
Both of my sisters did a binding spell on two guys. One was an ex-boyfriend and she just couldn't let go of, and now she's married to someone else and can't stop thinking about him. And my other sister bound her now boyfriend because she didn't want to be alone. And he wanted to leave her. (She was, before him, in a very bad relationship and she didn't want to be alone, so she felt this guy was her happily ever after. Well binding someones free will hasn't gone to good for either of them.
They both need/needed to do an unbinding spell to let them go. It's for the best.
This is just my advice.
If you really like this guy, go the old fashion way and talk to him and get to know him. Maybe something might happen. You never know, leave it in Fate's hands.
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Re: Love Spell Help
Post # 5

Cast your own spells and rituals, make them original and the results will most likely come out the best. That is because you put in the effort and normally what you put into a spell is what you will get out of it, more so than not.

I wouldn't pay someone 300 dollars for a spell , because spells are not a 100 percent guaranteed to work. Not to mention the many con-artist waiting for vulnerable people to rip off. Therefore you would have wasted 300 dollars, when you could set up your own altar for cheaper and buy supplies for the ritual/spell. Probably having some money left over.

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