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Hello I have questions

Forums ► Wicca ► Hello I have questions
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Hello I have questions
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Hello my name is Lucens Stella and I have been practicing around 10 years now. I stumbled upon this site while looking up sites that would help me in my studies of the many paths I want to learn about. I do practice magick but I wouldn't say I have a set path though I have recently found an interest in Wicca and would like to know more about it's origin, culture,rituals, traditions and if Wicca has deities or not. I also would like to know if you have to be in a group to actual practice Wicca. Is there a special rite I have to go through to be Wiccan or do I just say I am going to follow the path and declare that I am Wiccan. If I could have answers to these questions I would be Grateful.

Many Blessings

Lucens Stella
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Re: Hello I have questions
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Hi Lucens,

I have been a practicing Wiccan for some 30 years now and I'm always happy to answer specific questions that anyone might have concerning Wicca. There are some threads here on SOM that you might find useful in coming to understand Wicca better so you can make an informed decision as to whether Wicca is the religion you wish to follow or not.

What Wicca Is and Isn't - http://www.spellsofmagic.com/read_post.html?post=637268

Main Wicca Posts - http://www.spellsofmagic.com/read_post.html?post=580909

Now, to try to answer the questions that you asked.

1. As far as the history of Wicca goes, it was founded by a British Civil Servant named Gerald Broussou Gardner in the 1940's and went public in Britain in 1951 following the repeal of the Anti-Witchcraft laws. There is an excellent article covering the history of Wicca at: http://www.geraldgardner.com/History_of_ Wicca _Revised.pdf

2. Yes indeed, Wicca does have deities. Wicca is a duotheistic religion in that we honor both a God and a Goddess. Then are known as the Horned Lord and the Lady of the Moon. But many of us also find that we are working with specifically named gods and goddesses.

3. In its early days Wicca was solely a coven practice; however, in the past 20 years more and more have come to be what are known as Solitary Wiccans. In other words they practice on their own and may never be part of a coven.

4. Traditionally one would not call themselves Wiccan without having undergone an initiation into a specific Wiccan Tradition. But with the rise of Solitaries this again is something that is less frequently done. It is perfectly acceptable now to simply dedicate oneself to following the religion of Wicca and to continue doing so without having undergone initiation.

5. As to what Wiccans believe I would suggest this article: http://www.spellsofmagic.com/read_post.html?post=248610

And before you decide that this is indeed the path you wish to follow, I'd suggest doing a bunch of reading and thinking as to whether what you learn of Wicca matches what you feel in your heart and soul. Here are some books that I think you'd find interesting:

"Wicca: A Year and a Day" by Timothy Roderick

"Wicca" by Thea Sabin

"The Elements of Ritual" by Deborah Lipp

"The Heart of Wicca" by Ellen Cannon Reed

"The Witches' God" and "The Witches" Goddess" by Janet and Stewart Farrar

"Gerald Gardner and the Cauldron of Inspiration" by Philip Heselton

And of course, even if just for learning more about the roots of Wicca I suggest you read the two books written by Gerald Gardner

"Witchcraft Today" and "The Meaning of Witchcraft"

Hope this helps. Don't hesitate to ask me any other questions you might have anytime you wish.

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Re: Hello I have questions
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Wicca from Introduce Yourself.
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