voodoo & twin flames

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voodoo & twin flames
Post # 1
I met my twin flame a year ago while he was in a relationship. I didn't have any intentions in pursuing him, he perused me. I fell in love really quick, knowing we couldn't be together. Weird stuff began happening, I would have violent visuals. At the same time we stopped talking to each other as much. Not too long ago did I find out that 3 people have a voodoo doll of me. (They mess with me almost everyday, [Confusion & sudden movements] ) It's really bad voodoo, they tell me they'd do it to my family also as she has many of her friends involved) I just found out they did it to him too. I believe it's his girlfriend for 3 years who's using voodoo to basically enslave him. It's so obvious. But the only friends he surrounds himself with are hers, people who are into this stuff. What should I do?
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Re: voodoo & twin flames
Post # 2
You can try protection charms. And if they do something really bad you could do a return to sender spell.
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Re: voodoo & twin flames
By: / Novice
Post # 3
First, get out of the mindset of "they have control over my life". When we succumb to the idea we are cursed, we often "curse" ourselves. Small things that go wrong become more visible and poke. It's psychological, obviously the bad thing has to be a curse. It builds like a snowball.
Clean, take some time and clean the house really good. Wipe down everything: cabinets, doors, windows, everything. Do a good belated spring cleaning. If you'd like, clean everything with some lemon juice and vinegar. Machine wash the clothes, the covers, everything with a bit of vinegar (it will also help make your whites cleaner too).You can pray or visualize everything becoming clean and clear of all negativity, pray, or chant "everything is clean."
If you have a yard, do a little yard work too.Plant some nice flowers, mow the lawn, trim the bushes, sweep the porch, hang some humming bird feeders, all that good stuff.
Put a broom over all the doors, or by every door with the handle of the broom on the floor to keep unwanted things away.
Take some cinnamon, cloves, and sugar out of the cabinet. Put the cinnamon and cloves in the coffee pot like you would make some coffee. When it is done filtering, take a dash, just a demitasse spoon, of sugar and mix it. After the mixture cools, put it in a spray bottle you would use as a cat trainer. Spray it like an air freshener. It's quite lovely. If you do not have dried cloves, cinnamon by itself is just as good. (You could chant for prosperity if you'd like, but it's not required, just enjoy the smell)
Just take some time, work through everything with calmness and patience. You are not cursed.
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Re: voodoo & twin flames
Post # 4

You probably mean a poppet, not the infamous voodoo dolls you see from Hollywood Movies. It's commonly known as Sympatheic magick.

Do a cleansing ritual, use sage,candles,incense,bells, or what you feel necessary for the situation at hand. Use repitition or chanting into your cleansing like "All magick done to me be sent back, away from me". Use whatever tools you feel that you have or can get. It doesn't have to be overly fancy or what not you just need to do a cleansing which are millions of ways in doing so.

If you ever feel like after the cleansing, the effects of the spells put on you are coming back then do another cleansing in response.

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