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Blaming Wicca

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Blaming Wicca
Post # 1
So I have heard from a newbie who is new to wicca and has said he has been having bad luck and is blaming his goddess and gods of his practice for it. Asking why would they let him go through that and why they didn't help him. I'm not saying I'm perfect and that I haven't lost fate in anything,but I see a lot of newbies thinking that since they been practicing magick that they're being jinxed by the "devil" or saying that magick is bringing bad luck. Every one goes through stuff bad stuff is bound to happen its about how we go about that helps us. Have you thought that maybe it was a lesson even? We have to take life positively
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Re: Blaming Wicca
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Humans have a way of blaming the deities they believe in for any bad luck they may be having or when they are going through difficult situations in their life. Every single person can have a strike of "bad" luck or have something going on with them, but this does not mean that everytime this happens we jump towards anyone of our beliefs and start raging and blaming them for what's wrong in our lives. As far as I know, the "devil" is non-existant in Wicca, so juding by the fact that their blaming this could mean they are being retained by Christian beliefs. If a person is going through any situation in his/her life, then they should be able to handle and deal with it without having to blame others for their issues.

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Re: Blaming Wicca
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Merry Meet

I had heard this joke when I was a kid that goes "And God said let there be Satan so humanity doesn't blame themselves for everything, and let there be lawyers so humanity doesn't blame everything on Satan."

I feel it's a trait of humanity to shun responsibility. If he is Wiccan he would know of The Threefold Law which states anything you do will return three times. If he was having such an unlucky time, he should of evaluated his past few days to see if he had done something. You stubbed you toe, maybe your deities failed in warning you, but perhaps the universe was telling you saying those bad things about your classmate was hurtful. Third option, you weren't paying attention. That's another thing humans, especially new Pagans, do a lot; everything that happens is profound. It's not. Some things are, but the majority are not. You were late for class again, rotten luck, cursed by an enemy, or sleeping in after going to bed at 3:00am?

Many people want to be perfect without the journey, so having a fall guy - God, Satan, karma, traffic - makes us feel better. I'm not a bad person, they were being slow, I was justified. Many convert for the wrong reasons and this person clearly choose Wicca for the wrong reason. People usually go with Wicca because it's "not evil", but still curse and manipulate people in the hopes they will become pretty and popular with their crush falling in love with them in the process. Once they learn the reality, they usually get mad and leave.

As a Wiccan I try my best to look on the bright side of life, but we all struggle, we all fall, we are all human. Living Wicca, to me, means you pick yourself up, learn from your stumble, and keep going. Stomping your foot and demanding to know why a higher being didn't step in when you weren't paying attention isn't a good attitude for anyone regardless of faith. Sadly, most people are like that.

Blessed Be.
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