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Please help for love

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Please help for love
Post # 1
Recently I've met a man that I'm very sure is the one and I'm sure he feels the same since we talk about it often. What's stopping us? That's where the help is definitely needed.

You see before we met he had some kind of bacterial infection that has forced him to be on medical steroids and have many operations. Because of all the time being sick his business failed and now he's just starting to rebuild but he has to take small jobs that pay very little and have lots of work that keeps him up all night for little pay to show he's a team player. He still has another surgery, I believe it's his final, and after that it will be months of recovering and rebuilding before he dates me. He doesn't want to put me through the hell of having to be there while he can do barely anything for me but honestly I don't care, being close to him is enough but he disagrees. He feels weak and unattractive and as a girl I can understand that self-esteem is important to loving another person so I won't argue with him about loving him the way he is, he wants to love himself first.

What I'm looking for is to bring him all the positive vibes I can find to help him recover faster and stronger than ever in all the areas that he doubts himself in so we can be together and hopefully be married.

I've only cast a spell once and I did not do it right but I want to try my best at this. That being said, if someone were to be nice enough to help me (since I am very new and do not have a lot of supplies or anything really) I would be forever grateful and pay what I can but that's not a lot at this minute.

So what I need is a list of spells to go along with the steps in his recovery to be the him he wants to be, maybe even stronger. He would probably think me using this kind of help would be odd so I won't be telling him just so I don't freak him out (just adding that in case it's important).

1) He still has a few weeks till he gets his physical to see if he's healthy enough for the surgery so I would need something for that.
2) A spell to help him recover from the surgery.
3) A spell to motivate his spirits to train himself back into the him he was and still wants to be (maybe some kind of spell that helps that happen a little faster as well).
4) A spell to help him in his professional career so he quickly moves through the company to where he wants to be or at the very least gets better paying jobs to prove himself at.
5) A spell that will bring him the desire to be close to me. He already has that desire to be with me, very very much, but if he's working out and doing work for his job he may lose site of things. That's me assuming, I don't honestly believe he's the type to forget a promise (our promise being that when everything goes right he will happily take care of me and take me as his lover.) But I just worry about how busy he will be and we do live a few states away so I just want something that will kind of ping in his head to remind him of me, if that makes any sense.

I can't do much for him now but be there like a girlfriend, which makes him feel bad that I'm loving and taking care of him and he honestly can't in his state, he just wants to give me the world. So I'm turning to this in the hopes that things work out better than last time and I can be with the person I love and believe to be the one as soon as possible. With everything happening without assistance it could be up to a year or maybe two before things get better and he's very worried one or many things could go wrong so I just hope these spells will help at least a little. Please help me.
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