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What is Florida Water?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► What is Florida Water?
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What is Florida Water?
Post # 1
I have never known what florida water is. Right now i'm in florida and I wanted to know what is florida water? Is it water from Florida's area? Now I might sound ignorant with that question but I have NO idea what it is or how it's used in magick. If someone has any information about it please tell me what florida water is.
Thank you everyone!
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Re: What is Florida Water?
Post # 2
From what I've read, it's mainly used for offerings and different types of spell work and cleansings. There are a few definitions on Google, have a look.
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Re: What is Florida Water?
By: / Novice
Post # 3

It is a perfume. Some traditions have adopted it as an altarcleanser because of the different essential oils present. There are other recipes of cleansers like the famous 4 Thieves recipe.

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Re: What is Florida Water?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

I found this rather good description and recipe for making Florida Water at http://spellcasters-source.blogspot.com/2012/01/florida-water-cologne-and-its-use-in.html

Florida Water is a popular spiritual perfume used in hoodoo, Santeria, and other magical practices. It has a scent resembling a citrus-spice, but with some soothing floral elements that give it its famous calming, cooling fragrance. It was considered a "universal perfume" because the odor is suitable for both men and women, and it can be used in a variety of ways. One popular trick in hot weather is to mix it with cold water and use it as a spray or to soak a cloth in it and rest the said cloth around your neck.

Magically speaking, Florida Water cologne tends to be used most commonly, these days, for purification. It is sometimes even used as a substitute for holy water. It is sprinkled as a spiritual cleansing agent onto mojo hands that one worries have received negative influences, it is added to baths and washes, and is even used in some versions of Peace Water. Just opening a bottle and leaving it in a room is said to purify the air of bad spirits and energies. Some people also recommend it for removing a person's melancholy and depression. Many people also now use it to cleanse their candles and altar tools before use, replacing the more traditional Bay Rum which was once preferred for the purpose by magical spell casters.
Historically in old time hoodoo magic, though, Florida Water was more often used as a drawing ingredient. One simple trick for using it was to put it in a small fireproof container and ignite it, then warm one's hands over the flames as a way to call money into one's hands. Another old money spell was to hang a little horseshoe magnet over one's door that had been fed with gold and silver magnetic sand, and then periodically sprinkle it with Florida Water perfume so that it would attract success and money into the house. One variant on the honey jar spell for love uses an apple full of Florida Water, clover and verbena oils, and honey as its mechanism: it is placed in a flower pot beneath a plant, and as the plant grows, so grows the target's love.
While Florida Water is a relatively inexpensive cologne, there are some people who prefer to make it themselves. Here is one old time recipe:

Essence lemon, 6 ounces

Oil lavender, 8 ounces
Oil lemon grass, 2 ounces
Oil cloves, 4 ounces
Alcohol (use perfumer's grade or Everclear - NOT rubbing alcohol!), 4 gallons
Distilled water, 1 gallon.
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Re: What is Florida Water?
Post # 5
I've lived in Florida all my life, depending on were you are. Its either just swamp water, spring water, lake river or ocean. Its no different from other water. But if your here i recommend going to alexander springs. Its a natural spring thats really cool. Or to new Smyrna beach. Waters kinda clear there. Heads up our weather is weird
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