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New method creation?

Forums ► Fortune Telling ► New method creation?
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New method creation?
Post # 1
Is it possible to make a new means of fortune telling? I mean I did try and I seem to have gotten surprisingly accurate readings when tested on my friends with a method I created. I will explain what this method I believe I have created is and I have two questions. Firstly is it possible that I have made a new method/ is it possible to make new methods, and second if this method already exists or if I really made this.

OK I haven't named it but I can guess a good name would be a tile method.

The materials needed are 11 tiles that feel the same. I use small wooden circles. Four are to represent the elements and the other 7 represent the days of the week. You can simply write what it symbolizes on the tile or use images instead, so long as the meaning of eah tile is known.

For the reading the person to be read is give . All the tiles to hold then they are given to the reader. The reader selects the four elemental tiles and asks what the person wants read. Based on the responds the reader instructs the readee to take two or one tile. The single tile or two tile combination has significance. I won't explain in detail but earth and air is boredom while air and for is love and air alone is peaceful. Next the reader hands the readew the seven day tiles and the reader must close their eyes and move the tiles about in their hands to shuffle them. The reader then gives one tiles at a time to the reader based on feeling only not looking. Then the reader simply lines then up top to bottom or left to right.

The results are that the order if days is when you receive the most to least of what was being read. So if the first tile was symbolic of Wednesday, and the two element tiles were earth and air to mean boredom, then that readee's most boring day is Wednesday and his least is whatever the seventh tile is and in between is in between.

Like I said I'm not sure if this works but I personally have gotten it to work for my friends... Admitantly I have only read boredom, love, joy, relaxing and annoyed so far for people. But all I have read has been accurate. Just a note. The reading is for the current calender week. So if it is a Wednesday and the most boring day read is Tuesday it would mean the day before said Wednesday not the next Tuesday.

So yeah I would like my two aforementioned questions answered and if it is real I'd love to see if others can use it to get readings too.
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Re: New method creation?
By: / Novice
Post # 2

I think making your own form of divination is an awesome thing to do. I recently helped a very close friend of mine do this with foreign coins.

Someone have to make the other forms of divination. Nothing stands to keep you from doing so as well. It is more personal, and you can tweek it as you feel fit.

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