help for my son

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help for my son
Post # 1
im at my witts end with my sons sensitivity
he is 30 years old

his father was a warlock of a kind and im a bit of a witch but i havnt channelled my powers properly.

my son and i are always having ill luck and we do believe there is a family curse upon us and thats why things go unusually wrong for us, when we think things we have more power bringing about negative and bad than positive and good.

we are both artists so are very sensitive people
im a gemmini and hes a scorpio.
anyway thats another story but a pertinent one.

i need help big time in so many ways too.
but heres one.

my son is tuned in and has seen things before they happened but didnt realize what he had to do or if in fact he could change the fate of the event, by being aware and interferring.

for instance he was dreading an operation that the doctor said he needed on his nose
and he kept saying to me im not going to get worse am i?
hoping id see it and say yes you are if you have the op, and so stop him going for it.

as it did indeed make him ill and very distressed and made him worse so much so that he had to battlewith doctors and the establishment to get another opinion.
i went under ground and payed for s private surgeon to see him who recognised he needed another op to sort out the problems from the first.

it was an awful year when i had to keep tellin g him he wasnt going to die when i wasnt sure myself,
he believes gthat the fates can hear us and if we say the right or the wrong thing they will behave accordingly

anyway the nhs is being sued.
but a new issue has arisen
my son was wrongly charged with an offense he didnt do.

and so he pleaded guilty as the lawyer advised him too.
saying it would be dealt with quicker and with less fuss than if he pleaded not guilty.
which is mad but thats it.

now he cant change it unless he goes back to court again which he wont do.
the reporter said something terriblein the papers which my son cant sit with,and now a year later has slipped into drinking two bottles of whisky every few days to cope with it and given up his love for his art, which is so sad.

im menopausal and cant cope, its not fair.
he lives with me and i think he should forget it, but he cant,

the reporter used the word molests
and said artist molests woman.he wrote that in the papers.

it came about because my son was having a flirt with a charity worker when she knocked on the door, and when she said she had as boyfriend
he said sorry and then gently tapped her lower back for her to leave
he did not grope or molest her
she was 34 years old too,

and she had him arrested.if anything he behaved like a big kid not a weird pervert, which is now how he feels.

he is hating women now and is n ot getting over this
we want it changing, i want to bail out i am too fragile to cope, but been told by solicitors we cant do anything.
i need some magic for him and for me so i can get on with my own life,
i lost a few years of my life after his operation went wrong too.
and i suffer with insomnia crippling anxxxxxity and depression myself so dont need this.

i feel so sad for him, hes a very ssssspecial person and a fantastically talented artist, butim also angry.
i want it to get fixed.

and for the lady to come forward and say she asccepts his apology and the paper to change whats been written
please is there anyone out there who can help?
i am so terribly desperate for a change
he says no ones helping him
i have spent houfrs ringing lawyers up and they all sound the same
saying theres nothing he can do.

i need a miracle
its had a knock on effect on everything around


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