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So im new... plea help

Forums ► Introduce Yourself ► So im new... plea help
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So im new... plea help
Post # 1
OK basic info. I'm a guy 17 from the Caribbean. No, I am not just a teenager who is into hocus pocus or harry potter etc. I know this is real.

I am a Roman Catholic officially by religion and I fully well believe in a God. The trinity. I'm not yet sure about magic being wrong to use, but I am open minded and interest in at least learning. Due to my faith I do believe in magic as it is forbidden etc. However like I said. I am open minded.

My reasons for learning is not for luck or love spells. As a matter of fact I quite detest any love spell as it may mess with another's free will and I believed most in people following their hearts and making as much desision based on free will. I want to learn about occult as it is unknown, and what I want to to know. I want to better understand the world. Its hard to explain, but I just don't want to turn a blind eye to as much as possible. I want to experience this world.

When I was really small I got into magic for the hocus pocus part but eventually accidently found some real stuff and started drawing fake circles for fun. Admitantly based on the skeleton key movie. But I was 7 so forgive that stupidity.

What really got me into magic now much later was a trilogy called the Bartimaeus books. Its virtually about solo nic summoning magic and I doubt it has much real stuff. But it did have some real bits that opened my eyes.

I want to understand magic, non human entities, other planes of existence or parralel planes or dimension or whatever. I just wanna learn. Can someone here help me please. Also would really like if someone knows where I can find grimoirs online. I would really like to read the lesser key of Solomon. But I can't find it. I also can't read or speak anything but English and a meagre scrape and I do mean meagre scrape of Latin. I have a lot to learn and really want help. Also um well I just wanna know. Are exorsims real? Like will certain biblical rituals really dispel a possessed person? Because up till know I believed that demons exist and can trick people into possessing them and I believed they could be driven out by an exorcism. Is it true?
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Re: So im new... plea help
Post # 2
Oh just one thing about my name. I go by ShellFlare online. Its not my real name but its a name I use for my goto alias. It has a lot of meaning to it so I know it could sound dumb and childish with the flare part especially but really its not. The shell part is from a book where the main persons name is shell and I just liked it. Probably as my real name is also an S name. Also... The flare is because I was at a time of depression when I created a alias to be free online. The flare part is a fire that burns but also one that's a cry for help. People often did the name but it has meaning and I had to say it. Also I can't figure out how to edit my original topic post.... So sorry...
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Re: So im new... plea help
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Moses did great magic. So did Jesus. Translation of Bible has been quite a problem. And yes, magick is real. "K" is added to tell the difference between real and stage(entertainment) kinds. This site has a lot to offer in information on all you talked about. So get ready to learn! I always send beginners to forums. In the General Info section are two; Basics Expanded and Starting Out. There is a meditation on my profile page (just click on my name) for all to use. Also, make use of the search bar, as it's helpful. Magick is working with nature, not against it. I say this to warn you about all the fluffy (as we call them) spells and info that are on here. They stay on here to bring traffic to the site, which keeps the site going. Once here, people can learn what's real. Good luck to you. May you find what you seek. Blessed Be...
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Re: So im new... plea help
Post # 4
You can read the lesser key of solomon online if you wish.. Grimoires can be found on ebay, and your bound to find an online one if you simply search the word grimoire.. I'm an exorcist, so I believe that speaks for itself.

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