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Love Spell Advice

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Love Spell Advice
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Love Spell Advice
Post # 1
Hi Everyone,
I'm seeking some guidence in regards to some spells I have cast.
I have been in a long relationship with someone I love very much. When we met it was like we knew each other before it was so natural. We had some ups and downs with money difficulties and the usual work strains and his affections became on and off 2 and a half years ago. I cast a little love charm spell and his affections became more solid and it was like old times, sadly the charm was under my pillow and he washed the linen including the charm I made, I hoped this would be ok and our relationship was fine. For a few months it was and then the on off started again. I know he loves me and has said I'm his soul mate. I have tried a few spells again but I am unsure if they are too soon after our separation. I understand we may need some time apart but I dream he will return to me and remember our love. I miss him very much and want to wait for him to return to me. We fought and he said he would never come back again. Any spell recommendations, advice on giving a little cosmic push. We will loose our house and we have pets together Thanks x
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Re: Love Spell Advice
Post # 2
Don't use magical to alter affection. It's wrong and it's a false love. Also, check all the other "love spell" posts and ones like them. Most say to not toy with ones heart.
Hope this helps.
Darkest blessings.
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Re: Love Spell Advice
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Love isn't easy, and sometimes people do break up, but it can be for the best. The problem is most people think love/relationships should be like in the movies all the time, in reality you have your ups and downs, some days you just want to cuddle, others you want your space. True love is a balancing act and sadly many people think once you marry or move in together, you're solid and don't need to romance each other. Over time two people drift apart and become strangers which is why a little thing could break them. This sounds like you two drifted apart and just need to remember why you fell in love. People change, you weren't the same person you were one year ago and neither is he. Instead of casting a spell to drag him back, try talking, going out on dates together [doesn't have to cost much, as long as you have alone time to show you care] you might consider speaking with a councillor so you have a third party perspective to help you. If I was to cast a spell, it would be a spell you do as a couple to strengthen your bond, not something one would cast on the other. Good luck to you.
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