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Norse Goddess: Niorun

Forums ► Norse Paganism ► Norse Goddess: Niorun
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Norse Goddess: Niorun
Post # 1

Source :http://www.northernpaganism.org/shrines/niorun/welcome.html

Disclaimer: This is not my writing or work, you can find the author and contributors plus some more information on the site above.

Who is Niorun?

Niorun, or Njorun, is a minor Norse goddess about whom practically nothing is known from the traditional writings and eddas. She is listed as a goddess in the "Skaldskaparmal " but nothing else found seems to speak of her. Some modern folk began to contact her, and their personal gnosis is that she is the Goddess of Dreams and Seems to have some Relation to the mind and memory.

In the experience of some folk who have connected with Niorun, unlike most of the other deities, she chooses to live in Svartalfheim, where she is honored and revered by both the Dark Elves and the Duergar. Of all the places in Svartalfheim that might be considered halls, Niorun's place is the only one where a traveler could claim sanctuary and be unopposed by residents. However, as soon as one leaves, one is on one's own again. There is also the fact that Niorun's hall is a strange place, and not altogether safe. It is filled with distorting mists of many colors, and one is often overcome by the compulsion to lay down and sleep. If you are a skilled lucid dreamer, her hall can be a good jumping-off point for prophetic dreamwork; if you aren't, it can be deadly.

Niorun herself can be seen as a veiled figure walking through the misty halls, her face almost never seen. If approached, she will speak in riddles and poetry, or say things that one later cannot remember. Offerings to her include colored glass balls and prisms that she can hang up in her hall to rotate and add to the ambience.

Some People also say say she speaks in riddles and poetry, or what she says later cannot be remembered. Awake, we know what she says to us, but its interpreted through our internal language of (both physical and emotional) feeling: Go sleep, or, Where is my offering? Sensation, not words. We don't remember the dreams she sends any more frequently than we remember other dreams, but when our offering is sufficient payment and the dream slips from memory, the lesson of the dream remains. Like not remembering sitting in class on a particular day, but still knowing the things we learned then. The teacher is always lecturing in extended metaphors that we have to figure out, sure, but eventually it makes sense...and when it has to do with the stuff buried deep inside us, we have at least half an idea of how to interpret those metaphors

Niorun can bring the gift of lucid dreaming, and if you have any aptitude for it, prophetic dreams. That doesnt mean that your dreams will necessarily be clear and decipherable, just that they will have information in them. A good prayer to Niorun is to say before you fall asleep, Let me wake up knowing one thing that I do not know now.

My personal Thoughts on Niorun

When I first read about this Goddess i was somewhat shocked i hadnt heard of her before to be honest. However as i read on i found it more and more interestings. I honestly can say im interested in working with Niorun but am cautios because from the previously listed sources and a few blogs i read, i hear she is a greatly powerful Goddess. As well as a slight caution that once you make regular offerings she has a "wheres my offering" attitude. Which is intimidating on its own given that honoring her is a devotion to be upheld.

My being intimidated aside, Some ideas for offerings some people have had are burning incense before sleep (to simulate her hall i believe) and placing reflective and colorful objects on her altar such as prism's, pendulums, crystals, etc. possibly amethist would be a good idea given some of her colors being purples and blues.

On a list of items people from UPG have associated with her, i found broken clocks to be interesting. So if you have any old antique pocket watches that might be interesting offering. Maybe even if you have an old grandfather clock or somthing you could place next to her altar, thats an idea as well. Ive also heard of old books being associated with her, i personally would think fiction would be best but im no expert clearly.

Again id like to say that aside from my own opinions and modest suggestions, i did not write nor do i claim to be responsible for the writings above, be sure to check out the link as my source for more information. Hope everyone learned a small bit and are as curious as i am.

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Re: Norse Goddess: Niorun
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Niorun is a Goddess I've included periodically in my workings, but found that she tends to be very mysterious and elusive. She's certainly a very vague Goddess. I've set out offerings to her previously when I've needed clarification on a dream, or wanted to induce more dreams to help me figure out a problem in life, etc.

I'm sad that there aren't more sources and information about her out there, aside from mainly UPG.

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Re: Norse Goddess: Niorun
Post # 3

A quick add-on i thought id put on here is that unlike most Goddesses, she makes her home amongst the Duergar and Svartalfar and she has both of the races respect according to most UPG accounts. So if you work with either, it might be a good idea to form a relationship with her beforehand. But remember she is not some one-way pass in this sense, she demands respect all her own.

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