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Basic Kemetic Offerings
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In this post i thought id go over some of the basic offerings the Egyptians and modern Kemetics offer the Gods & Goddesses. Id love it if anyone would like to add onto it or had some creative ideas they come up with on their own.

Basic offerings:

These following cover the offerings which are generally safe & common to give to most any Deity from Egypt.


  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Water
  • Milk
  • Honeyed Milk


  • Bread
  • Biscuits and Baked goods
  • Figs
  • Beef
  • Grapes
  • Honey
  • Vegetation or Fruit
  • Onions
  • Salt
  • Grains (such as weat, barley, etc.)

Non-Food Items:

  • Incense
  • Papyrus
  • Gold & Gemstones (any form of valuable object was typical)
  • Flowers (more common amongst female Goddesses obviously)
  • Clothing or Bolts of fabric
  • Perfumes with Oil bases
  • Ankh's
  • Wadjat eye aka Eye of horus

Specialized offerings:

These offerings will be listed along witht he name of the Deity they are usually offered to. This list is somewhat mainstream and taken from various sources i trust as well as my own limited experience.


  • Beef
  • Breads
  • Black dirt
  • Farming instruments
  • Wheat
  • Mummified idol of his form

Horus (Heru):

  • Hawk & Falcon Feathers
  • Weapons
  • Red meat
  • Pork
  • Lapis
  • Iron (this one is slightly debated given iron was also an offering to Seth)

Aset (or isis if you prefer):

  • myrrh
  • Tyit (buckle of isis/Isis knot)
  • Fruits grown on trees (i hear coconuts are a noted offering)
  • Sweet liquids/wines
  • Flowers
  • Small bells

Set (seth):

  • Iron
  • Pork & most meats (i have heard this contradicted however, some believe that he is more of a vegitable person, howefer this is scited most often)
  • Strong & spicy dishes
  • Weapons
  • Sand (Red sand is best)

Thoth (Djehuty):

  • Writing implements
  • Ink
  • Strong beverages such as coffee and Teas
  • Books (typically non-fiction)
  • Figs (a nice modern thing he seems to accept by most people are fig newtons)
  • Light green stones
  • Moonstones


  • Things crafted by hand
  • Items used in carving/crafting
  • Papyrus

Ra (re):

  • Feathers
  • Obolisks
  • Pyramids (miniature Xd, dont worry you dont have to buy bricks or anything)
  • Items of worth or quality
  • Beef
  • Mumiffied falcons/bulls (one idea might be to wrap up a bull statue?)
  • Beer


  • ostrich feathers
  • heart-Amulets
  • Clean sand
  • Scales

Anubis (Anpu):

  • pottery
  • embalming material
  • beef
  • Sand
  • Bitter chocolate (so ive heard several times)
  • Keys (anykind will do, due to his association as a gatekeeper or opener of the way)
  • Ankh

Nephthys (neb-Het):

  • crow feathers
  • bones & skulls
  • frankincense
  • Items related to ones ancestors
  • Flowers

Geb (seb,keb)

  • goose feathers
  • sand / black earth
  • furnature
  • Cool water

Nut (Nuit):

  • Items relating to stars
  • feathers
  • flowers


  • ostrich feathers
  • lion images
  • precious stones & metals
  • beef
  • perfumes


  • rainwater
  • sweet liquids


  • weaponry
  • work & exercise (ive heard of people dedicating daily exercises to him)
  • beef

Once an offering was made the options in what to do with them were limited. In food/drink items they were primerally consumed unless the offering was to a deity of the underworld. (there were multiple reasons for that) The Egyptian Deities typically did not like waste in that sense. As For non-Food & drink items, Typically they were eather left upon the altar or were incorperated into the practice of the person who made the offering.

Well that about finishes off my article, i hope you all enjoyed reading it and maybe got some ideas from it. A good thing to remember about Egyptian Gods is to sometimes look at their sacred animals diet or their overall personality. Feel free to get creative, trial and error. If anyone would like to add onto this thread or correct any mistakes please feel free to.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.

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Re: Basic Kemetic Offerings
Post # 2
Great post. Thanks :)
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Re: Basic Kemetic Offerings
By: / Novice
Post # 3
You really should put your sources on these posts.
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Re: Basic Kemetic Offerings
Post # 4

yeah, that should probably be a habit to get into.

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