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Magic circle

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Magic circle
Post # 1
I have a few questions about magic circles. 1) do i use a wand or sword or what? 2) does location play any part? 3) does size matter? 4) they are for protection, right?
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Re: Magic circle
Post # 2
They can be for protection, but can be used for other purposes, you can use a wand or a sword, but make sure the sword has a gem with energies in it on it somewhere, Location does not matter, but it can strengthen the spell. Make sure the wand is made of natural materials, like wood. The circle does not have to be perfect, but try your hardest, the only thing you should have in the center is a pentagram or the symbol of your deity (If you have one)
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Re: Magic circle
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

1. You can cast the circle with a wand, with an athame (ritual knife) or with simply pointing your finger. All of these are tools to help you direct the flow of energy that creates the circle. Swords are generally not used by individuals but for coven work in specific Traditions.

2. A circle can be made any size you want. Traditionally it is 9 feet in diameter, but it can easily be made larger or smaller at need. I often cast to the walls of my room so that I can move around freely during the ritual. Cast it whereever you wish to conduct your ritual; preferably someplace you won't be disturbed while you are working.

3, A circle serves two purposes. It does serve as a barrier and protection against unwanted entities that might be drawn to it by your magical working. It also serves to contain the energy raised during the ritual until you are ready to release it to the purpose you have in mind.

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Re: Magic circle
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
1. you can cast a circle with anything! for the first time, I recommend the blessed piece of chalk, so you can see where you're moving. I use musical instruments to purify the space and welcome the elements (in case you're interested in that drums = earth, bells and resonant metal = water, stringed instruments = fire, and wind instruments = air. but that's just what I do, to personalize it a bit more and tailor the music to the elements. a drum or a bell or a flute or a guitar will work for anything.)

2.) location plays a part in your focus, sure. in a cluttered room it's so much harder to focus than it is in a clean one. and even though forests and grassy plains are sacred, the Lord and the Lady are everywhere.

3.) As long as it's comfortable to move around in, and it's a decent amount of space, you don't need to worry.

4.) magic circles are used for a variety of purposes. protection is one reason, but if you aren't working with negative spirits or energies, you probably won't get possessed or anything. another reason is to keep your energies inside the circle. some people cast circles to separate themselves from the mundane world. others do it because it gets them in a ritual state of mind.

your circle casting doesn't even have to be an out-of-the-book method if you want it to be. it can be as elaborate or simple as your heart desires. do what works best for you, and what best suits your purpose.

hope this helps.

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