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~The information from this article are from various sites as well as books so please no credits to me! ~

Summoning (or evoking) is the action of calling spirits,deities,even energy etc. outside of yourself into a circle or specific place.
Nobody should go into summoning without a lot of knowledge from books (old grimoiries can help as well) because things can really turn bad.
In fact,spirits aren't always willing to help us so before a long experience with a specific spirit you can't really trust him or believe that he likes you.
Try to keep this in mind,they have their own goal so they aren't your slaves.

Can a spirit posses me?

I never had an experience like that but if you don't know a lot of information about how can you be safe while summoning,you can end up possesed.

Can a spirit help me in my magical practice?

Depends on the spirit,and the friendshipbetween you and he/she.Spirits can even turn against you.

How can I create a friendship between me and a spirit?

Like how can you create a friendship between you and a human.As a point to start,don't use for your own cruel goals a spirit.

How can I evoke one?

There are different methods which works for different people.I suggest to cast a circle,it will keep another unwanted energies from you.
Also,you can have a symbol of a spirit as well as a symbol of "evil" or "good".

How I will know that a spirit is present?

Spirits manifest in many ways,it can be a feeling,a smell etc.Let's say that you want to evoke a demon,it will not appear a monster in your face with a creppy voice and with the flames of hell at you so don't think for a second at fairy tales.

Can I ask a spirit something about the future?

Yes,but I strongly suggest to don't believe him/her until you don't know him/her.


If you evoke one for the first time,is good to have another people (experienced) with you.He can "save you" if a spirit posses you.

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Re: Summoning
By: Moderator / Adept
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First rule of Summoning: Do not summon up that which you cannot put down .

If you don't know how to properly release the entity you summon up then you have no business summoning them in the first place. The results could be unfortunate.

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