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Basic Spell-Work Outline
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We all have different ways on doing spells and rituals , below is a basic guideline on following a structured that will work best for you. This is not set in stone, but moreover a basic blueprint to aid you in your ritual/spellworking so that you are able to tailor your practise better to your needs.

Ritual Preparation

Choose a time and decide your intent, choose an aspect of the divine if you wish, decide how to raise your energy before conducting your ritual. These could be things like dancing, chanting, drumming etc. And then choose how your going to cast and close your circle, the more you prepare for your ritual, the better the quality of the energy output.

Cleanse yourself and your magickal space

Starting at the North side of the room, point your finger or wand and say the following as you imagine white light energy streaming forth from your finger and forming a cirlce around you whilst reciting the following;

"I cast this cirlce to create a sacred space,

No unwanted energies can enter this space,

This cirlce is now cast, So mote it be!!

By the time you have walked three times around the cirlce, you should be finished reciting this verse, you my choose to sprinkle salt water on the ground around you or in the four corners of your room.

Invocation of the Divine

Invoke the dieities by asking them to join you for your magikal workings by saying;

"God and Goddess, I ask that you join me here to assist with my magikal workings"

Statement of Purpose

This is simply to tell the Divine why you have called him/her to the cirlce; what you ate trying to accomplish.

Magickal Working

Raise your energy, through drumming, chanting or however you have planned to do so. Now you can begin to direct or channel this energy by using candles, herbs, stones or whatever you have chosen for your specific need. Make sure to ground your energy when you have completed the working.

Thanking the Divine

Make some prayerrs and dedication thanking the Divine on assisting you with your magickal working.

Closing the Circle

Starting from the west, walk counterclockwise around the circle three times as you recite the following verse;

"The circle is open, but never broken,

So mote it be!

Merry meet and merry part,

and merry meet again!"

By Triquilla x

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Re: Basic Spell-Work Outline
By: Moderator / Adept
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This information was cut and pasted from

As already mentioned copy and pasting the work of someone else and claiming it is yours is considered plagiarism and is a clear violation of the Terms of Service on SOM.

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