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approved/certified spells

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approved/certified spells
Post # 1
I follow this page since a few weeks. Almost daily a Newbie asks whether marmaid spells are true and whether one can grow wings and change the weather as suggested on the spell pages. Your answers always are, that 90% of listed spells are fake and with a little thinking it would be easy to differentiate between real spell and hoax. Truth is, many people can not tell. But a helpful solution was so easy...
Our wise moderators could "rate" or "certify" spells, they let us know which spells work and which do not. This could be indicated by e.g. a little "approved star" or similar. What do you think?
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Re: approved/certified spells
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Comments from Other Spells Discussion.
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Re: approved/certified spells
Post # 3

Anyone can rate a spell, that's why so many fantasy spells are ranked 5 stars.

People will continue to believe in fluff, in that bologna, until the end of time. There won't be any change, unless they step away from that reality. The moderators also have no control over the settings of the site itself, and only the website admin (Pet) can change individual things like how spells are rated.

Not all of them have tried the spells, either. Probably because there's no need for it.

If you have a suggestion, post it here:


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Re: approved/certified spells
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

This topic has been discussed many times on this site and the answers remain the same.

First of all, the Mods do not have the time to address every one of the spells on this site; although we do rate some when we encounter them. Nor is there any way to certify that a spell will work for everyone or 100% of the time. There are thousands of spells on this site; more than the Mods could ever give an approval rating to in any case.

Some spells have been identified as not being possible. These are all found in the "Fantasy" section. So in effect those spells have been ranked as being fake.

The Site Owner is the only one who can actually remove spells from the site. He has chosen to leave the fake ones as well as the real ones because they draw people to SOM which makes him the money that runs the site. On the other hand, it also means that those coming here for something like growing wings might actually learn about real magic and want to dig deeper into this new thing they have discovered.

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Re: approved/certified spells
Post # 5
There are forums in which I have seen that do provide some explanation of how magic or magick if you will works. I have seen a general overview of what is commonly referred to as 'The Basics' posted within the General Information section of the forums that can supply a general idea of what is reality and fictitious.

Though, since this is a forum in regards to spells and which are real and which are fake I will attempt to shed some light to discern which is which.

We all have a general distinction of what can happen and what cannot happen: for example, we cannot fly like a bird for our genetic make up does not allow that and gravity prevents us from 'floating away'. Therefore, a spell to try to grant you the ability to fly like an eagle will not work. Man has made planes for this purpose.

In some shows, like Harry Potter or games like Skyrim it shows magic to supposedly transcend all your human limitations: shooting lightning bolts and fireballs for example is beyond our capabilities. We could not physically sustain the amount of energy that it takes to produce such forces. Lightning usually kills those which it strikes, it can nearly reduce a human being to cinders, same with fire, which actually can reduce an individual to ash. We cannot handle the immense temperatures that a fire can get up to, otherwise people wouldn't burn to death if they were lit on fire. Therefore it is impossible to preform a spell that supposedly grants the ability to shoot fire balls like the Human Torch.

Now to provide some examples of a spell which works; let us take a ritual for healing and how it is possible to be done. Though it is not an instantaneous progress, it gradually happens. Let us use the common cold for example. We go about healing using visualization, meditation, willpower and intent. We visualize the cold as a type of sludgy, sickly energy within the system. A method I personally use is envisioning a golden light of warmth and positivity enveloping my body pushing the putrid energy of the cold out and down into the earth. I would repeat this and at first it may appear as if there is not progress, but over a course of two to five days of repeating the notion you eventually feel a lot better.

Ultimately, if you see the results of what you are putting forth and what spell you have done come to pass, then would you not say it worked? Though, there are many which claim they have achieved the impossible through magic yet none of them can truly prove what they have said to be. So honestly, personal experience is what we have in regards to a spell working. However, just because one says it works, does not mean it has.

In conclusion to depict a fake or real spell is using your common sense and intelligence. There are limitations in what magic can do. It is not as limited as our own mind, but limited by the possibilities we are limited too.

Hopefully this sheds light on identifying reality and fantasy.
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Re: approved/certified spells
Post # 6
Thank you all. I see how the page works, still the ratings remain sometimes doubtful.

@Blade: When I am ill I usually also get better after 2-5 day but without magic. That makes it difficult to judge...
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