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Re: Crystal Ball

Forums ► Magic Items ► Re: Crystal Ball
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Re: Crystal Ball
Post # 1
Hi everyone. Just touching base. I would like to know how to keep the crystal balls charge longer. For when I do work with the ball. I get the smoke that forms and the electricity sensation in my hands. But I can't hold the lock on the image long enough before the smoke disperses. Its really is electrifying so to speak. The crystal ball is charged by the moon. But I'm not sure for how long, is this why it's not working to it's full potential. My ears are open to all suggestions. So please feel free to leave your comments. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
Thanks from white rider.
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Re: Re: Crystal Ball
Post # 2
When you start to feel the energy, don't get overly excited and break your concentration. Even through cycles when the moon is not full, crystal balls still need to be cleansed often. As long as you keep it charged and cleansed with your own energy, then it should have longer effects. Try not to let others use it without cleansing it afterward, otherwise the energy is "cross contaminated", per se. When you start to see images in the smoke, stay relaxed and hold your concentration. Keep a notebook and pen (or pencil) right next to you so you can quickly write down what you saw after the session is over.

That's all I have for now. I hope I helped a little bit!

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Re: Re: Crystal Ball
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Magic Items from Herbalism.
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Re: Re: Crystal Ball
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
I've never been good with crystal balls. Like you, I get clouds and clouds and more clouds. And a big result of disappointment.

I'm more of a scryer of casted lots, tea leaves, and other things that actually move, change shape, etc. But I do scry on black surfaces occasionally. Transparent ones are less productive. I feel like I'm trying to peek into a room through a keyhole. I feel cramped being so confined to a see-thru sphere. Have you ever tried looking through a keyhole? It's annoying!

What isn't working isn't the ball, it's you. You can peer into a random still puddle in the street and scry. You need to work on your ability to scry which is reliant on clairvoyancy and the ability to let your intuition and creative side take over without allowing yourself to "think" about it. Basically as soon as you start analyzing and not just gazing like brain dead guppy, you're not going to get anything. Just relax and at first, don't even observe. When something shifts, just let it. Don't pay attention, just hold the mood. Later you can work on paying attention. If you already scry with other things, than maybe you are like me and just can't relate to the structure. Try something different. My favorite is a wide bowl, like a candy dish, with black coffee inside and a small round quartz crystal at the bottom of the liquid. I use the same technique as with crystal ball gazing and get way better results. Some people use ink but seriously? I'm not cleaning that up! What if it spills? No way! Coffee has magick properties and medicinal properties for mental stimulation so it has an added bonus. I drink a cup of my own on the side to join/connect with it like one would when working with herbs (and their spirit).
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