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The Holy Pentacles

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The Holy Pentacles
Post # 1
I'm trying to find information on how to make use of one of the holy pentacles of King Solomon. My dad gave one to me years ago but he died before I ever learned its use. The one I have is the second pentacle of Mars. I know that it's main use is in healing but beyond that I don't know how to take advantage of it's ability. The internet has very limited information I've found and there is only one actual person I know who may help and they have deliberately ignored my messages. Anyone with any information would be greatly appreciated
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Re: The Holy Pentacles
Post # 2
The information you're requesting isn't the type that's typically given freely to any and all who would have it. The material you're looking for are the Greater and Lesser Keys of Solomon. But without knowledge of that system of ritual, and the preparations it requires, the simple answer is that you can't make use of the pentacle. The spirit will likely not respond to you, and if it does, it certainly will not obey. It's not the pentacle itself that effects change, it's the spirit that the seal is created to command. That's an important distinction to understand when dealing in ceremonial magick, goetia, and the keys of Solomon.
The process for evocation of most of these spirits, is very tedious and detail oriented, and goes well beyond the scope and ability of most modern day practitioners.

That being said, the complete keys are available, and are actually very easy to locate online from several respectable sources. If you're truly interested, you'll need to put in your study time. There are no short cuts in ceremonial magick. The spirits you deal with there are not the everything is puppy dogs and rainbows type of spirits. Dabbling, is dangerous.

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Re: The Holy Pentacles
Post # 3
What, dear Sephirael, is the reason that this knowledge is not freely shared with interested people?
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Re: The Holy Pentacles
Post # 4
Hint of condescension aside,...

The groups and individuals that typically devote themselves to the application of ceremonial magick, are decidedly more hermetic and secretive with their practices. :A:A, G.D., OTO, and similar organizations are the closest parallel we can draw in modern day society, all of whom swear their neophytes and initiates to strict vows of silence.

Crowley leaked a lot of their secrets, strictly to spite his former associates in the Golden dawn. Other widely respected occultists, dared not be so bold. Reference Blavatsky and Fortune. The fact that these orders have existed continuously since then, yet leaked absolutely no new information on the subject since the early 20th century should be a testament to how secretive they are.

Ceremonial magick, as a rule of fact is simply beyond the scope and ability of most would be practitioners, and should certainly be kept that way. That's not a statement on my part intended to be offensive, or to trample anyone's ego. It's just a matter of opinion that is widely agreed upon in the occult community.
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Re: The Holy Pentacles
Post # 5
My dad was actually a member of the oto the only reason I never learned from him was because he died when I was 14. The oto doesn't accept members into age 18 but my dad wanted to wait until I was at least 16 before talking to me he used to have books but over the years I lost them so I'd really be happy to look into greater depth on it ask I just wouldn't know what books would be most reliable
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Re: The Holy Pentacles
Post # 6
Ceremonial magic is a challenge as a practice to uphold, but I don't think people should be deterred from at least trying. I will say there are plenty of brilliant books out there which can aid you in learning the core concepts of the system, and with gaining this knowledge you should be able to piece together the information and be capable of doing magic.

Modern Magick by Donald Michael Kraig.
Liber ABA by Aleister Crowley.
The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie.
The one-year manual by Israel Regardie.
The Key of Solomon- preferably not Mather's edition.
The Goetia of Dr Rudd by Stephen Skinner.

I can't speak for the OTO or the GD. However, all of the A.'.A.'. instructions are published bar the initiation rituals. Personal instruction is sometimes necessary in fleshing these instructions, which are more like notes, out. However, there is absolutely no rule saying the instructions could not be fleshed out- unless it is a secret instruction, or told in confidence.

Personal instruction is a massive help in high magick, there are just certain tings which can't be conveyed online in text form or in a book.

However, I think with a little research, a bit of experimentation and hard work; you will be able to piece together what you need to form a workable system; and i believe you should not be put off from at least trying.
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