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Making a Spell
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This thread is the basics of spell making in my chosen path. There are other ways to do so but this way works for me. Also over time you can adapt your ability to work best for you and cast more advance spells. This won't make any dramatic changes to your life but is to attract a chosen change.

1. Decide what change in your life do you want to make.
This can be to have more money, be healthier, bring good luck or another. However you can't mess with the free will of others and this is for your personal life, no one else's.

2. Wright down what you want to happen.
If you wanted money, you could wright "Money is coming to me. This money will be mine to spend as I wish. This money will come to me in a positive way." It is important to use the words "is" because "will" means it could happen in 10 years. Also keep it simple so you can remember it easier. If you wanted to lose weight, you could put "I am losing weight. I'm losing it at a healthy rate.". They're some examples but you could do others and make your own. Also memorize what you wrote.

3. What to include.
This is a personal choice on what you think helps you meditate and cast spells. It is not needed but can help. You can light candles, burn incense and use lucky charms, wands or crystals you have. It's up to you.

4. Meditate.
You should go into a trance and the deeper the better it will work. Also you should imagine a white energy inside all of your body and feel its energy and make it stronger. Imagine what you what in as much detail as possible. What is looks like, feels like and smells like. Then say what you wrote in step 2 as many time you like until you feel it has set in. Afterward you can finish and even ask a higher power to help or what your path teaches.

5. Aftermaths
You should wright down what you did and repeat the words from step 2 throughout the day until the spell happens. The spell can be repeated as much as you want it to but if it's black magic, clean your aura frequently while doing this practise.

If there are any questions, please comment them. Thanks for reading and blessed be. :)
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