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Tips for Herbs, etc.

Forums ► Herbalism ► Tips for Herbs, etc.
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Tips for Herbs, etc.
Post # 1

When seriously wanting to work with herbs, there are several things you should keep in mind and things you should have (but optional), if you want to work effectively with them.

1. Herbal Grimore. It is a like a book you can create that you can keep a record of various amount of herbs. In it, you should have full detailed descriptions of your herbs, including anything that can happen should too much of the herb be used. It can include your notes, recipes for incenses and oils and anything else you can imagine! It doesn't have to be fancy, but be creative in your own way. It should be easy to understand, yet appealing to you.

2. Tools. Most people who work with herbs have a mortar and pestle so that they can grind herbs easily and create that which they wish to create. Other tools I'd recommend are jars to keep your creations in, measuring spoons, and a measuring cone. Keep in mind also clear ziploc bags, etc, can be useful and you may already have these tools lying in your kitchen. You can also use small jars you already have to keep herbs in, just make sure they are properly cleaned and dried. If you are to burn your herbs (as an incense), I recommend charcoal and a charcoal burner, but be careful, it can get hot, especially if you have metal ones (like I do).

3. Clear knowledge of your herbs. I cannot stress this enough. You can risk hurting yourself greatly if you don't have a clear knowledge of the description of your herb. Make sure that you know that it is safe to work with before using your herb, even if it is as common as cinnamon. Research your herb, and jot down notes, also make sure that anyone else who lives with you, or if you have any pets, that the herb won't harm them or the other family members if you live with them. Working with herbs can be very complex depending on what you're doing but what is not complex is making sure you are safe while doing it.

4. Keep in mind you don't have to grow herbs straight from the ground in order to work with them. You can buy your herbs from local supermarkets or occult stores, even online. Some probably don't even have access to their own area for a garden. Always wash any herbs you buy from the bag, however, and keep them where they will not rot and where they will be safe.

5. Safety whilst charcoal burning. Going into further explanation, If you are using charcoal to burn incense you've made, make sure it is on a surface where it cannot be of harm to you or others, and do not touch the burner at all as it will get really hot. Have a window open or two, just in case. Snuff out the charcoal just in case it gets too smoky for you.

6. Burning oils. An oil burner/diffuser is used to burn exotic and essential oils. Make sure this is nowhere near any walls and that you do not put too much oil in the diffuser as this can make the scent too thick and cause discomfort. Make sure to clean the diffuser in between oil use.

7. Cleaning up. When finished, make sure you wash all of your tools, make sure nothing is burning (unless it should be) and put them away properly so that you can use them again the next time. Whatever herbs or oils that are in jars should be put away properly and safe from anything that may cause them to fall and break.

Hope this was able to help, and I encourage your own tips and constructive criticism.

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Re: Tips for Herbs, etc.
Post # 2
As a third party side note, if you use something like canning jars with a metal lid, perhaps lay some thin cloth in-between the metal and glass so the plant does not come into contact with metal which can diminish or alter the magickal properties.
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