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Safety in Casting
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I get a lot of emails where people encounter problems with spells, divinations and conjuration they have performed. And the first thing I always ask people is, did you do any preparations before casting your spell?

Then I probe a little further and ask if they know about the use of directors, limiters and whether they are familiar with the concept of the path of least resistance?

A spell can be any kind of magical, psychic or spiritual operation, that is designed to produce an effect or outcome over a given amount of time. We do this because we are not able to directly affect a certain situation and we rely on a power that is greatly larger than ourselves, but we are all equally part of this power.

Spells are energies that can combine any number of the elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit, We use spells in prayers, in poems and stories even when we make a wish or some kind of intention we are sending out an encoded message to the universe or the matrices of energy that intertwine all things. However most of the time people who are not aware of the mechanics involved often see now results at all.

This is due to the fact that our energies are not imbalance with that it is we are trying to achieve, furthermore some people even email me to say they feel possessed by demons and negative energies, and this is why I always ask if they had prepared before doing anything.Preparation and planning all helps towards not only having a chance at succeeding in your task, but more importantly that it was conducted with safety in mind. If you consider that it's not just energy your directing, but your affecting other energies too, it's a very busy world out there so you need to make sure your aware of other things too.

Firstly cleanse your environment with a simple air cleansing spell, recite mantra's or even physically clean your personal workspace. That way you have a clean place and a clean mind for it to reside within. Now we can consider casting a circle. But before we do that, are your magical objects cleansed as well, make sure you have gotten rid of any excess energies form these too, also ground yourself and get rid of any excess energies that may be residing in you just before you cast. Now we can move onto the actual casting of the circle.

So not only is your environment clean, your magical objects you'll be working with and your inner energies, you are also safely in the protection zone of your circle. If you are working with dark magic or demonic magic, make sure you have made all the preparations for that too, although even with the best defences working with the forces of darkness is never a safe endeavour.

I will now cite a reference from another similar, but very brilliant article about spell work.

Credit to- Donx01

"A person involved in a meditation group, which taught people to get what they wanted using white light had similar trouble. The meditation group taught people to put the thing they wanted to manifest on a bulletin board and sit there imagining what it would be like to have it, holding in mind no harm. A woman with a difficult life wanted to pay off her house and car and receive a reliable income. She took a picture of her mortgage and wrote "paid" on it. She did the same thing with the car, and then asked for $250.00 free and clear.

When she was asked whether she was worried about how this manifestation would come about she replied that she was not. Then, her husband who had been a very stable person, instead of going to work one day stopped at the liquor store to buy liquor, bought a gun and killed himself. The life insurance paid off the house and car, and gave the woman $250.00 free and clear. He was the weakest link in the chain so, by taking the path of least resistance, the spell worked through him."

Original post URL: ritual=2908&coven=6

So we can see that from this story you have to be very careful and consider every angle before even thinking about casting your spell, as not only could you cause harm to yourself but even your loved ones around you! So be very clear about your spell and intention before doing anything, consider all of the factors and research the mechanics of it, I may have been studying and practising for some time but I haven't been practising long enough to explain everything in great detail, the best I can do is share my experience with magic so far and how Iv'e come to learn how to protect yourself and others from harm.

I know safety can sound boring and the horror stories you can hear might sound off putting, but don't let it stop you. As long as you are fully aware of the risks, you can spend time planning your spell. And it can be really great fun too researching the materials you need, who knows you might have to travel across the world just to find it.

Another comforting fact is that the more time you spend preparing, planning and researching your spell, the greater the chances of you being safe and your spell being a success! Magic is all around us and is a very fine art to master, but the journey is the most fun part about it. If you make safety your main priority and practise meditation on a daily basis to keep your energy at a healthy optimum level, then you'll master the art in no time!

Thanks for reading :)

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