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Looking for answers..

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Looking for answers..
Post # 1
I'd really really like to believe magic and other things of that sort are real. Actually, the thought is the only thing that gets me through the day. I'm looking for a way out of a normal, apple pie life. And I have some questions:
-Do I have to pick between white and black, can't I get a taste of both?
-Is this site truly reliable, or should I dig a little deeper to find some real stuff?
-How can I join a coven?

Things to know 'bout me:
-13 years old
-I'm not perfect
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Re: Looking for answers..
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

Life isn't normal, normal is a word people use to not think of them as special or unique. Anyways, a lot of people (including me) like to think magic doesn't really have a color, it's more up to the intent of the practitioner, but that is up to you. Reality is hard to defictionized, especially, when a lot of people's minds are being filled with Hollywood fiction. Many people say, if it's to good to be true, then it probably is. You should always "dig deeper" to gain more knowledge, but never assume you know it all, because no one will ever know everything about this Universe.

To join a coven, you first need to decided, what you want to learn, you need, to read through each coven's biography, which is located on their pages. Then fill out the necessary forms, and send them in, along with going up to the "Accepting Applications" link and click it, then you should know what to do from there. Then you wait for the Priest/ess to get back to you. Sometimes, covens require a voting process.

Sense you are new to this site, you should read the Basics, the Basics are a bunch of information that you can practice and get better at, which will help you understand the concept of magic and how to use it. If you want a more realiable and trusted source of information on the basics here are a couple forum names that you can pursue;

  • The Basics: Expanded (By: AwakeTooLong, Located on: General Info)
  • Starting Out (By: Starrie Located on:General Info)

Please note there is a lot more information on the basics residing on the "Articles" section of the site.

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Re: Looking for answers..
Post # 3
Magic(k) is a spiritual practice. Just because a person practices Magic(k), it does not excues a person from having to deal with mundane matters.

-No, you do not have to pick between black or white. You can get a taste of both. In fact, as you get further into your studies, you would understand that Magic(k) has no color. Such labels are just used to describe intent.

-This site is not truly reliable. Remember, all content on this site are all posted by a huge variety of people. Some may not be well informed and still just post articles and the like.

Some may argue that this site has a huge plethora of articles. Yes,this site does indeed contain that. However, if you divide those articles by category, there isn't much.

You should just use this site to look for posts on the basics. After that, i recommend you choosing a topic you wish to study , a system of magic you wish to follow and continue your studies from books.

-On this site? Go to "Groups",choose a coven. Read their details and submit your application.
Good luck.
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Re: Looking for answers..
Post # 4
Thanks for replying and being honest.
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