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Spells on SoM

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Spells on SoM
By: / Novice
Post # 1

As many people figure out, a lot of the spells on this site aren't usable. They are fake, or of really bad quality. Beginners and people who are new to the site come on and ask things like "Which spells are real?" or "Which spells are good for me to use?"

Now, I generally write my own spells. It's better and more personal. But, if I am looking for something different from my usual, there are some decent spells on this site; you just need to know how to find them.

(note: all of the spells I am using here as examples are from the site and are under the protection section of spells.)

Good Quality, Good Content:

These are spells that are written well. They use correct grammar, are easy to follow, and provide very specific information. These spells use correct, useful correspondences and flow well.


Shamanic Spell/Ritual of Protection

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None of these items are necessary unless performing this ritually.
  • A candle, the color only matters if you consider it to matter. The candle represents fire and the mountain.
  • A bowl of water, from a fresh and natural source although bottled water is fine. This represents the sea.
  • A feather, wand, or stang. This represents air and the sky.
  • A stone, rock, or piece of natural metal. This represents earth.
  • A drum or something that can be used as a drum.
  • Casting Instructions

    Cast your circle if you feel it to be necessary, or simply thether your energy to the earth and start channeling natural energies. At this point you can call the quarters, invoke or evoke any spirits, being, etc. for aid or assitance.

    Make this ritual/spell your own, do what you like to do when casting make it feel right for you.

    If you are performing this working ritually, place the items listed in a circular fashin in accordance with the quaters. Feather for east, candle, for south, water, for west, and so on. Light the candle and stand in the center of the circle and start beating your drum in a trance like beat. Aftter several minutes of beating the drum start reciting the incantation below.

    If you are casting this spell for urgent use, the items and ritual steps are necessary, you can just begin reciting the spell.

    Recite this incantation:

    Above is the sky that I hold, and below is the earth that I mold,

    Within the mountain the fire burns, beneath the surface the water churns,

    I seek sanctuary from that which holds me wrong

    Thus I plea and sing the Creators song

    As my drums beat transcends the heavens through the sky

    My feet stomp and shake the earth and send my cry

    My spirit dances pure and strong, and the Creators light pierces the veil

    You shall not bear me harm, and my faith and love will not fail

    Be gone now this day never to return, in the name of the old one

    By air and sky, and sea, by fire let my spirit be free and done.

    Once done let the candle burn out and then bury it, pour the water over the buried candle.

    This spells was easy to follow (albeit a bit long), and the information was generally correct. This would be a spell that I would consider using, but there is a chance I would change it some to match my own purposes, and that is okay. The only downside to spells like this is that they are much harder to find.

    Not-so-bad Quality, Good Content

    This is a spell that has the right components, but it is harder to follow. Some of the grammar might be wrong, or there may be some information missing. If I came across a spell like this, I would probably rewrite it to suit my needs and to make it easier to follow. I might also add to it to make it more personal.


    protection spell

    You will need the following items for this spell:

  • a voice
  • Casting Instructions

    say: Protect this place from evil and mean, with a sheild thats unseen. Only the good may enter here, no one that can hurt or scare. (you don't have to add this below section, it's more of a danger) Unless I think that they are fine, then them coming through will be sublime.

    Now, this spell isn't unusable, but there are some minor issues. I would rewrite this spell just to make it easier to look at and read. Generally, these kinds of spells are easier to find than the best of quality, and still serve their purpose.

    Bad Quality, Good Content

    These spells are really hard to follow. They serve the right purpose, but are hard to use simply because of how scattered they are. I probably wouldn't even bother with this kind of spell, but they are reworkable.



    You will need the following items for this spell:

  • You Need:
  • Your Staff/wand
  • Silver or blue shiny glitter
  • A quiet place- best outdoors
  • You will need your staff (or wand) for this spell. It is
  • best if the staff used is blue, white of silver- The easiest
  • way to achieve this is to bind a ribbon, or ribbons, of the
  • color around it for the spell. This means you can
  • remove them afterwards.
  • Casting Instructions

    1. It is best to go outside for this spell, as the air movement will help disperse the glitter, and the magick. 2. Cast a circle, or create a sacred space. 3. Go to each quarter in turn (start with the West, then North, East and south), and pound or tap the ground with your staff/wand chanting: ?I call thee, you who guard the watchtowers of the (direction) to guide me through the darkness, and ensure my safety?. Do this for all 4 quarters. 4. Stand in the center and say, ?In the shadows, evils hide, Ready to draw me from love?s side, But with your help I shall be strong And banish all that do me wrong Send them away, send them astray Never again to pass my way, So mote it be? As you say the last 3 lines, scatter the glitter in a circle around you. 5. Close the circle, and have something to eat to restore your energies!

    As you can see, this spell was pretty hard to follow. It has the content generally correct, but the errors make it difficult to read.

    Good Quality, Bad Content

    This is probably the type of spells most newbies get confused by. The spell looks okay, it's easy to follow, the correspondences seem legit, but the content is 'fluffy.' I would not use one of these spells because they simply won't work.


    Blast you Enemy Away from You

    You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A mirror or something to practice on.
  • Casting Instructions

    Take a deep breath in and imagine the wind blowing all of its energy into your body. Picture the energy floating around your body then bring all the energy up to your stomach, picture it creating a huge ball swirling around inside of you then breath out and picture all the energy shooting out of your stomach as fast as lightnig and hit your attacker in the stomach, it it works then they should ether fall to the ground in pain, be thrown backward or if your attacker is also a wich/wiccan then they may be strong enough to block it or even absorb the energy into themselves. Practice a few times on a mirror or any object before using it when your under attack.

    This spell is written pretty well, but it promises to "blast" someone away from you with a gust of air. This is something you cannot do. If people could, we would see them every day, just pushing others around with air.

    Bad Content, Bad Quality

    These are the litter of SoM, but sadly, there are a lot of them around. There's not much that can be done, other than to know what they are and what they look like. These spells are both hard to read, and promise 'fluffy' results.


    world protecting spell

    You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 16 candles all in different colours
  • Will
  • mind
  • consantration
  • Casting Instructions

    put the candles in a circle and sit in the middle of the circle use all of your will and all your power and chant: BY the power of the univers i call upon the protection from all the plants to keep the earth protectedfor the blast of the sun exsploding this spell should be done at a sirtin time and you should not do it un till that time it should be casted just be for the exspands this spell will pro tect the earth in all the wicca wiches and wizards or any other magical crecher please add this to your book of shadows p.s. please keep you mind foces and consantrat

    This spell is not only very hard to follow (bad grammar, no obvious proofreading) but it promises to protect the earth when the sun expands, which is something, we as humans, have no power over.

    End Notes

    The things that make something a 'bad' or 'fluffy' content spell are the following: Claims to be able to change you into a vampire, werewolf, bunny, mermaid, or any other thing that isn't human; claims to do something humans have no power over like change the weather, stop the earth in orbit, stop time; claims to make you immortal, win the lottery, or teleport; etc. Magic does not break the laws of physics and it generally cooperates with any given law of science.

    (Disclaimer: I added spells from the site. If you see a spell you have posted, and/or are offended in any way, please mail me and we will talk it over and I will see what I can do.)


    Shamanic Spell/Ritual of Protection: http://www.spellsofmagic.com/spells/spiritual_spells/protection_spells/11911/page.html

    protection spell: http://www.spellsofmagic.com/spells/spiritual_spells/protection_spells/1774/page.html

    PROTECTION: http://www.spellsofmagic.com/spells/spiritual_spells/protection_spells/9698/page.html

    Blast you Enemy Away from You: http://www.spellsofmagic.com/spells/spiritual_spells/protection_spells/17703/page.html

    world protecting spell: http://www.spellsofmagic.com/spells/spiritual_spells/protection_spells/4511/page.html

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    Re: Spells on SoM
    Post # 2

    Excellent Post! I hope the newbies will pass by this and read it!

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    Re: Spells on SoM
    Post # 3
    Wonderful post for new people to the craft, and excellent refresher post for the old too. Good job, I honestly think if your on council, to post this as an Article! It is well written, well informed, and easy to read, as well as understand.
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    Re: Spells on SoM
    Post # 4
    Thank you, it's hard to tell sometimes
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    Re: Spells on SoM
    By: / Novice
    Post # 5

    I'll consider it EyesOApollo. I will have to talk to the members in my coven about it.

    I'm glad it's helpful too :)

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    Re: Spells on SoM
    Post # 6
    While I do find it good for members to learn how to make their own spells and see the differences in different types of spells and how they are written, I frown upon the fact that people jump to conspiracy by claiming that a majority of spells on a website are not usable and possibly fake. Besides.. Spells that are fake are the ones that defy any physical or spiritual boundaries. It seems like some people whom jumps to these conclusions without any back up are being simply being ignorant and more focused on such fantasies rather than being more open minded to the fact that may not be true. After all, there are no statistics suggesting such a claim to be right or wrong. Suggesting that a majority of spells are not usable and simply fake hasn't been proven true. There are a multitude of spells on this website and unless someone can come up with an engine or a group of people gathered together to go out and find how many spells defy physical and spiritual boundaries then there is no way of actually knowing.

    Anywho.... I would also like to point out the good and bad are subjective terms and not necessarily known as "truth". Plus I do not feel it is always the quality or content of the spell as a whole. I feel like it is more towards the intentions of what the practitioner wants to achieve with the spell. Many people can't pronounce things, have speaking and reading issues, and so much more. That is why I came to that conclusion on quality and content. I would also like to take into account that not everyone can express themselves as people may want them to do so. This does go for proper grammar and all that when sharing a spell that you made or found.

    Spells that are considered fake aren't entirely bad or unusable. Yes, they may defy physical boundaries and may not be considered real by most people, but they can induce something called the placebo effect which I do not find entirely bad. I do think it can be good for starting to think outside your box and become aware of different perspectives. Fantasy driven spells also help attract people to the occult and learn our ways rather than having misconceptions about our perspective of things.

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    Re: Spells on SoM
    Post # 7
    Sociology, i compltely agree with the words you state. Yes, many spells on the website tend to be, ''fluffy''. This is normal for every website, but these spells are to indeed bring traffic to the website.

    Sometimes a spell to say, ''become a wolf''can indeed be seen as, ''fluffy'', but truth is, some claim one little unrealistic thing makes that person fluffy in magic, thus that can include their rankings. While members who are fluffy, sometimes these members need guidance, or indeed are newbies trying to fulfill their dreams, due to the so called, ''magic'' defination from the media. Is that really all it takes?

    When i first came on the site without an account, around 5 years ago, i wanted to be a fairy, and indeed the responses were harsher claiming fluff. Sometimes it is misinformation, or media that cause these problems to arise more efficiantly now, then back then.
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    Re: Spells on SoM
    Post # 8
    Wow thank-you very much for this very informative post!
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    Re: Spells on SoM
    By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
    Post # 9
    This thread has been moved to Site Spells Discussion from General Info.
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    Re: Spells on SoM
    By: / Novice
    Post # 10

    I get what you are saying Socio, and I agree with a lot you are saying actually. While I personally wrote this post to be informative, a lot of it is based on opinion.

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