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Meet you spirit or angel
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Here is a spell which I found on this site:

Exercise: Meet One of Your Angels or Spirit Guides

Requirements: A quiet place where you can sit or lie comfortably Pen or pencil Notebook or journal Time required: 1020 minutes

  • First, sit or lie down somewhere you can be comfortable, take the phone off the hook, put the "Do Not Disturb" sign out, anything you need to ensure you wont be interrupted. It is probably best not to do this in bed because the object of this exercise is not to fall asleep, nor is it necessarily to relaxyou want to be calm and focused and ready to connect.

  • Spend a couple of minutes [activating your channel] , so that you know your Channel is open and strong. Remember, your Channel is your antenna for your Divine Guidance, so the more exercise you give it, the better it will work for you.

  • Have your pen and notebook within reach.

  • Now close your eyes and take a moment to consider your intention, the reason you are doing this exerciseto meet one of yourSpirit Guidesor Angels.

  • Imagine yourself traveling up into the sky. Floating or flying, you leave your room behind and fly up through the sky, going higher and higher. Imagine the clouds as you pass them by. You feel happy, free, and full of excited anticipation.

  • Imagine your Channel to be like a kind of guide rope that guides you on your journey up into space while still keeping you safely connected to Earth.

  • Soon you notice youve risen so far that you begin to leave the Earths atmosphere and are moving out into space.

  • Picture yourself going past our beautiful moon and out past the planets in our solar system such as Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto. Make your journey as colourful and interesting as you like, there is no need to rush. Stop and study the awesome and colourful rings of Saturn, or marvel at the comets and asteroids as they glide on by. Note: If you want to be really thorough you can take the time to look at an atlas of astronomy or the internet to familiarise yourself with the celestial geography before you head off, so you can picture where you are going with greater ease.

  • Continue to travel upward into the Cosmos,holding your clear intention in your mind that you are on a journey to meet one of your Angels or Spirit Guides. Soon you will leave our solar system and find yourself in the vastness of space, where you will continue to travel for a minute or two longer, enjoying the incredible peace of the Universe and the brilliance of the stars.

  • When you feel ready, allow yourself to come to a stop and to simply float or hover in space with stars and planets moving slowly around you.

  • Pause for a moment and let yourself feel the security of the guideline and anchor your Channel provides for you.

  • Now that you have become a little bit accustomed to just "hanging out" in space, look straight ahead into the distance and imagine a small but very bright point of light. Let this light come closer and closer to you. It travels with great speed and accuracy, becoming larger all the while.

  • Eventually it is right there before you, only a few feet away, and so very bright that you may feel the urge to shield your eyes. Remind yourself that you are here to meet a Spirit Guide or Angel, a meeting that, one way or another, you have been looking forward to all your life. You will soon notice that the intensity of this mass of light begins to soften a little so that you are able to look directly at it.

  • As you watch, a form will begin to reveal itself to you; there is nothing you have to do other than just observe. Just relax and allow your Angel or Spirit Guide to come to you. Be receptive and welcoming, and notice whatever shows up.

  • You may get a sense of whether it is male or female, or notice part or all of his or her appearance, and so on. In your minds eye let the image of your Angel or Spirit Guide be shown to you and keep asking for more information. It is perfectly acceptable to ask as many questions as you like, especially if you are not very visual at this time.

  • Ask your guide what colour its eyes are, what its wearing, its name, or whether it is an Angel or a Spirit Guide. Even if you cant see this being, you will feel it. Its energy feels warm and wonderful, so you may want to reach out to hold hands or give and receive a hug.

  • Keep examining your Spirit Guide or Angel until youve gathered all the information about them you can at this time. Trust what you sense and let the impressions flow freelyyour friend can have any name and any kind of appearance. Not all Angels have flowing robes and golden wings and Spirit Guides appear in a truly limitless variety.

  • When you feel youve spent enough time with your friend, you can then make your journey back to Earththis time with your Spirit Guide or Angel by your side.

  • Using your Channel as a guiding line again, travel back down along it through the stars, into our solar system, and back into the Earths atmosphere. Picture yourself descending gently and gracefully with your Spirit Guide or Angel by your side and going directly back to where ever you began your journey.

  • Make your journey back logical and sequential, coming back the same way you went out, then returning to the country, city, town, suburb, street, home or building, and then finally the room you set out from. Affirm to yourself the present place and time; for example, your street address and the date. Breathe deeply, wriggle your fingers and toes, feel the weight of your body in the chair, and open your eyes. You are back where you started and your Angel or Spirit Guide is now beside you.

  • Before you do anything else, take your pen and notebook and write down every little detail you can remember, including a name if you received one. It really helps to make a note of these things when you are in the early stages of this work because it is all too easy to leap back into your busy day and forget half of what you experienced. This whole process need only take a few minutes if that is what you want, but if you can spare the time it is worthwhile giving yourself around half an hour so you can savour and enjoy it.
  • If at any time during the process you feel youve drifted off, just pick up where you left off. There is no right or wrong way to do this, so you may add your own variations if you like. Some people like to imagine that they are walking into a beautiful forest, stopping in a clearing or a grove to meet their new friend. If you have a favourite place or setting you would prefer to use, then by all means do so. No one method is better than the other; what is most important is that it works for you.

    Normally, you will meet just one Angel or Spirit Guide each time you make this trip, but its possible to be greeted by two or more. There are no rules, so be open to surprises and trust yourself and what you are being shown. Keep asking the ones you connect with for the names they go by; I find it is much easier for people to relate to an Angel or Spirit Guide if they have a name to address them by. There dont seem to be any names that are typical; in my ten years of practice I have come across Spirit Guides and Angels with names ranging from the very ordinary, like Bob and Jane, to the unusual, like Wohan and Erethelia.

    Once you have made contact there is no need to repeat that process again for the same Angel or Spirit Guide, but do repeat it whenever you would like to meet other members of your clan. If you are going through a difficult time, or want help with something specific, you can ask to meet the being who can most particularly help you with that problem. You may then be guided to a new one or be shown which of your known Angels or Spirit Guides can help you.

    From You Are Clairvoyant , by BelindaGrace

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    Re: Meet you spirit or angel
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    Sorry for title :(

    *Meet your spirit or angel

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