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A realisation of magick
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The funny thing is that realizations like these usually occur not while i meditate, but when im doing stuff like surfing the 'net.

When i realized magick, A number of things i learned came back to me, things started clicking into place.

First off, we all talk about "energy" so what is magickal energy?

It is our opinion, our thoughts and our desires, things that drive us to action. It is everything that makes us ourselves, our personality, our life.

So the chinese mystics were not far from the truth when they said that chi (The energy of life as percieved by most magick practitioners) is life.

Then comes the usage of this energy, why spells prayers and affirmations? What purpose do they avail?( I hope i used avail in the right context).

Magick is like the air, it has currents that vary on many levels, as you go higher you may face more agitated winds.

As a practitioner of magick, it is all about drifting with the winds, the currents of magick, of life.

As you go higher you face greater currents that require more skill to navigate, but yield greater rewards.

The higher you go, the more turbulence you face.
And sometimes you may face currents that go in the direction you dont want to go, and try as you may, you will never be able to change it. "For the wanted to be recieved, the unwanted must be allowed" - Ask and it is given (That is a name of a book)

In the end magick is all about working with nature.
If nature can do it, you can influence it.
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