Patrons and "Matrons"

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Patrons and "Matrons"
Post # 1

Disclaimer: Some of this information is based off of personal experience.

I was talking earlier in chatter with a friend, and he was talking about how his "matron" was a specific Goddess.

And lately, I had to say something about it.

I have noticed people who start out their path in the occult (or another path they've chosen for themselves) automatically resort to finding a patron deity, or a deity that they feel called to (at least most I've seen). I see guys who start out, seem to be drawn to a masculine energy, i.e., "patron". The word is adopted right after they start developing a relationship with this specific God (guys, don't take offense if you work mostly with a Goddess instead) and begin to call them their patron. Asking "Who is your patron?" is a very common question here, and many take pride in sharing this.

The word patron comes from the latin term " pater " or " patr ", meaning "father". Someone who claims to work with a patron deity, is saying that they are working with a male deity. I've even seen a few call a Goddess a patron before.

When girls start on their path, they seem to aim for a feminine energy, much like how most are drawn to Hekate, or Diana/ [insert a lunar Goddess name here] . They establish a connection, and grow through that.

Now, to get the meat of this somewhat rant.

I'm not trying to pick on the girls here, I'm basically stating what I have seen through the time I have been on this site, and been practicing. For those who work with a Goddess, I've seen them call their Goddess, their "matron". I have to confess, the first time I started out working with the Olympians, I called Athena my "matron". But realizing down the road that this is not the correct term for a female deity that I've personally worked with. Most people assume that the female term for patron is "matron". While this is somewhat annoying and incorrect, I'm not saying it's wrong to work with a Goddess either.

Matron, is also derived from the Latin "matr" or "mater", which, you can guess, means "mother".


a : a married woman usually has a high social position

b :a woman who supervises women or children (as in a school or police station)

c :the chief officer in a women's organization

On a basic term, a matron is a womanly figure, maybe even a mom. No where in the dictionary reference I just posted said "female Goddess" or "female term for patron". A correct term if you choose to use it, is patroness. Or simply, a devotee of a specific God/dess.

I hope I made this clear. Other opinions are welcome for a discussion. :)

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Re: Patrons and "Matrons"
Post # 2


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Re: Patrons and "Matrons"
Post # 3

I have my own views on this, which is what they are views/opinions. A patron is an entity that backs you spiritually and aides you and you aid them through libations and the like. This would be a committed working relationship and an agreement in more than just a fling for those who jump path to path and have a new patron every other day. A matron, being a motherly entity, is certainly be possible. It is a relationship that is built over time where the deity may intercede on your behalf not as a desire for further worship, but out of attachment and a protective desire. It is an emotional relationship built over time and through lots of bonding.


Matron: A motherly, and emotional entity who might watch over you out of desire for your safety and love of you.

Patron/ess: A working relationship. This doesn't have to be worked for, but one that is committed to.

If that makes sense anyways.


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Re: Patrons and "Matrons"
Post # 4
Thanks,eyes ! I did thid mistake by calling Aphtodite my matron.
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Re: Patrons and "Matrons"
Post # 5
Hmmmm very good food for thought from both of you. I haven't never thought on this terminology very much, but now I will find myself doing so.
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Re: Patrons and "Matrons"
Post # 6
Good post, and you state a good and valid point. I never called my gods that, nor will I ever. I'm not saying this post is right, or wrong but I agree in a way. Good job, and thanks,
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