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Forums -> Other Paths -> Spacecraft

By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Spacecraft is a form of Witchcraft. Much like there are Sea Witches, Kitchen Witches, Secular Witches, I feel like there can also be Space Witches. I have a fascination with the Universes out there, and wanted to incorporate them in my craft much like those who feel a kinship with the Mountains do in their crafts.

What is Space Worship?

Space Worship is the practice of worshiping and honoring Planets, Universes, Stars, and the like in a Pagan Path. You do not have to be Pagan to be a Witch and you do not have to be a Witch to be Pagan, which is why I have the craft and the worship as separate things.

Spacecraft and Space Worship, a Rambling:

I was drawn to Spacecraft and Space Worship because, as I?ve said above, I have a fascination for what lies beyond the layers of this world. I have always been drawn to such things. Spirits, The Astral, The Otherworld. It seems natural to want to explore the vast unknown that is Space.I subscribe to the belief that we are all made of Star Stuff. Much like people worship who they feel is their Creator(s), I feel Stars and Space had a major role in creating me. I want to honor the science behind my creation in a Spiritual way.

Some ideas to honor the vast Space are:

-Greet the Stars and Moon when they come out. If you are interested in worshiping Space through greeting the energy of Space the same way you would a Deity or Spirit, you don?t have to do all the planets or just the Star and Moon. You could find one Space Entity that resonates deep without you and greet that when it comes out. For example, a specific Star or Moon.

If trees can have their own energy and personality, why not Stars and Planets?

I personally am trying to find a good balance between the traits of a Planet being astrological related and the traits of a Planet being based on what they are, in addition to Mythos for Planets like Venus, where Venus is the Roman Goddess of Love, Beauty and Sex. In fact, a good number of Roman Deities are actually named after Planets, so that can be a good starting point.

-Leaving offerings the same you would for a Deity. I personally feel that it?s important that offerings are biodegradable and left in the Earth, directly giving back to the Planet that we are on and that has been given to us to live on.

-While my particular faith does not touch on a Space-related afterlife, I feel Black Holes and the Sun can both be seen as potential after-life destinations. Or being reincarnated as the star from which you were created.

-Space can be celebrated in Holidays during Solar and Lunar eclipses, specific parts of the Lunar Cycle that resonate with you. When comets or meteor showers occur, etc. Depending on how many Holidays you want to celebrate, you can really fill your Calender up. (Oh, here?s another fun idea. The anniversary of Supernovas. If you scroll down there are some dates that might be worth celebrating.)

-Prayers. Whenever I ask for things, I always say I?m putting it out there for the Universe to hear. And now I mean it! I pray to the World, to the Planets. I believe in the vast energy of what is out there and it?s capability to receive and grant prayers. There have been times I?ve asked The World or The Universe for a sign- not spirits, but the Universe, and have gotten the sign I requested. So, it?s listening.

-Spacefae. If you are the type to work with Spirits/Fae, and like Space but don?t feel comfortable with worshiping the Planets as entities, might I suggest Spacefae? This is potentially getting into the UFO debate, which I actually don?t want to have because UFOs and Aliens creep me out personally, but if Fae can masquerade as plants and bugs and the like, why not a falling star? Or a comet? I definitely think Spacefae could be a thing.



Okay, so you want to know how to actually use the Space in your magics.

I feel like a lot to do in magic is your mileage may vary depending on what resonates with you, but here are some things I?ve thought of:

-Use Moon and Star water to purify and protect.

-Use certain Planet traits in glamour spells. (Evoking Uranus or Neptune to appear calm and cool.)

-Ice Giant Planets in relaxation spells.

-Black Holes can be used as traps for bothersome spirits, or in curses. Or in a very powerful spell to ?lift? whatever burdens you off of your shoulders and destroy it.

-A pendant full of glitter can symbolize a blanket of stars curled around you. This can keep you hidden from harm, keep you well, etc.

-Supernovas to REALLY give yourself more energy. To utterly destroy bothersome spirits. To make yourself REALLY obvious to someone by outputting a radiant energy.

-Use the Planets to represent elements in Circle Casting.

-Use the Sun in a spell to melt away bad habits.

-Use the energy of new, Space-related discoveries to help find a path in your life.

-Create something inspired by a Supernova Early Warning System for your home as an alarm.

-Use Symbols of the Sun to ward your home. (May this home be unbearably, unfathomably hot for all who use to enter and do me harm. So hot that you melt far, far away from here, to never return.)

-Symbols for planets: You can use an egg for the Sun, ice for the ice Planets, dirt for Earth, etc. Get creative.

And this is all stuff that just very lightly skims the surface. I?m still working things out, and I haven?t even really gotten scientific with things yet. Space gets so much cooler and there are so many possibilities.
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Re: Spacecraft
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
What you have described is witchcraft. Witches have always been interested in the stars and the planets.Not always exactly Astrology, but very close to it.One of the oldest forms worship in witchcraft beliefs was the worship of the sun and the moon. Because those two, together with water, are the creators of Life; all Life! In modern times, we know more about the planets, and how they work, and how the sun and the moon work. So, most modern witches would now say that they "honour" the sun and moon,rather than worship them.
So what you are proposing is simply witchcraft under a different name. Witchcraft is not just using magic! It is the search for Truth! It is studying Nature; and the stars and planets;and weather patterns. Health and Healing.
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Re: Spacecraft
Post # 3
In Greek myths, Gaia Uranus and Pontus, earth, heaven, water were the ones responsible for life. But in this case the sun and moon. Why would they not worship the sun and moon. Other planets (that we know of)don't support life. So I believe that the sun,moon, and water should be worshipped. As they was the creator of life.
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Re: Spacecraft
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Honour, yes. Worship, no! They are no longer believed to be Gods.Have we learnt nothing in the past thousand years? Of course they are the creators! Of course the moon influences our lives! (The ocean tides for a start!)
Nevertheless, the original post describes witchcraft!
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Re: Spacecraft
Post # 5
Honestly good post but that is the same as witchcraft. Witchcraft has always been associated with e moon and stars like Bryson said.

However this is a oraice but very few practice it, so it's not well known.
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Re: Spacecraft
Post # 6
There are still deities of the moon and sun. Why are they not gods. The moon in living. I think atheists are the ones responsible for that research. A atheist is someone who doesn't believe in a god or goddess. So naturally they would make stuff match up to there beliefs. Science is one of them. I believe science has a good way of describing stuff though. It's never been my favorite subject though.
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Re: Spacecraft
Post # 7
Well there is a moon goddess and a sun god, however these are considered gods or deities. There is practioners of space craft however it is fairly new.
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Re: Spacecraft
Post # 8
Yeah, space craft does sound interesting.
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Re: Spacecraft
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 9
This thread is getting very close to Fluffy! No more,please!
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Re: Spacecraft
Post # 10
Ok brysing.
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