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Post # 1
Ok so here it is. Last year a kid bothered me and spread horrible rumors about me and got all of my friends to turn on me. So I started starving and cutting myself. I got so mad and upset. And now he's doing it to another one of my friends I want a spell to defend my friend if I have to I will take all of the target for my friend I will be their shield. And I just want a spell not to harm the boy who bullies my friends and me. But to show him how badly he has hurt others. (Yes we have told teachers they talked to him for about 2 minutes then sent him back to class.
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Re: Help.
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Disclaimer: This is just my opinion of how this works.

I think this is one of those cases where the ones who need magic the most are in no condition to cast it. From what I've figured, magic is everywhere, although it's more at-effect than at-cause.

Basically, when these individuals bullied you, parts of your soul fractured off from you in the trauma, and starving and cutting yourself are symptoms of that. In order to cast a spell that would have effect, you need those pieces back.

The stirring up of empathy and remorse is something that I've experimented with as well, but 1.) no achievement of the ultimate goal so I can't recommend it and 2.) that's a lot of planewalking that I wouldn't recommend 'cause it cray-cray in the otherworld...and it isn't a spell like "ingredients list, step 1, step 2, step 3". But if your fractures have formed this dark gunky aura stuff, then find a way to throw it at the bully. I don't know how they'll take it or if it'll stick, but you'll feel better.

Otherwise: Nidstang. You can run that word through a search engine and just modify it so it fits better with the goal of getting that bully out of your space. Sorry, as I said, I have had no success with manipulating worldview and emotions of other people, but I have had success with the Nidstang.

I'm sorry you're in this situation. Bullies are the worst!
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Re: Help.
Post # 3
Well it's not good that this kid is boering you, and I suggest that you first get your oparents involved and your friends parents, then instead of teachers go with your friends parents or your parents and tell the princibal for when the parents get involve they have to take it seriously. After if that doesn't work try telling him to stop, if he doesn't just think of it this way karma will bite him 3x3. Then ask your religions pantheon (I'm wicxan) for guidance or just find a good spell to get rid if negative energy or to bring good luck, also what you can do is tell your friend or invite her over (if she knows about magic) and teach her (if you can) how to defend herself using a shield. Here's a good shield lesson.

First sit in a quit area, with your friend and tell her to think off either a black bubble round her or a white bubble (why, well black is a sign for repelling negativity, and white is a color of piece) then tell her to think of the white bubble around her repelling all negativy away from her, after 5-10 minutes of this (repeat for about 2-4 tines) then tell her that your ganna pretend your the guy and tell her to put the bubble up and think positives and think of the negativity repelling then say things that the guy will say( I'm not trying to sound rude but this helped me a lot last ur when I got bullies) then keep saying things and if she stops keep trying to get her a bubble, it helps like a shield in a way.
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