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Animals in dreams.

Forums ► Fortune Telling ► Animals in dreams.
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Animals in dreams.
Post # 1
Hello,I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this,but I had a strange dream about ten nights ago and I've heard that when you dream about animals the dream means something,I posted an entry in my journal on vampirefreaks about it and I was wondering if anyone could help me figure aout what it means.

I'll copy and past the entry.

I just woke up from an odd dream,it started like I was watching gravity falls,but Stan was married,but his wife would to long trips to other countries,also,the mystery shake was more like a sporting goods store,or and army surplus store,Dipper and Mable came into the room with Stan after his wife had left,she said something about the eiffel tower,and staying in France for ten years to do something that would only take ten minutes,I saw some of the merchandise,a few knives including a kukri,than I was able to move around,Stan had left,so I went outside,it looked like my grandparents' back yard,I went into a barn and lay down in the corner(for some reason)and than I noticed a live gray wolf was laying down not far from me,it was on a rope,but I was laying near the other end,it was facing the other way and I was so afraid that I could hardly move,it looked back at me,then looked the other way again,I moved closer to a pile of hay,the wolf looked at me and looked the other way again,I ran around the barn,looking for a way out that the wolf couldn't reach,I went into a room near the back of the barn,then I climbed a wooden ladder,the loft at the top of the ladder was full of cobwebs,and a little red and black spider was on the ladder,so I started to climb down,I noticed that the wolf had gone into the back room I was in earlier,so I ran out the door where I came in,then I ran to my grandparents' house,and on the way I saw to,very small cats in a small cage,then I woke up,also,at some point in the dream,I was looking at pictures of something,and said that I'm only interested in chicken or fish.

also,I don't remember if I mentioned this or not,but the whole time I was running around,up until the point when I climbed the ladder,the wolf was just staring at me as if to say "what in the heck is wrong with you?"

Thank you for your time.
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Re: Animals in dreams.
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I've found that it's not uncommon in lucid dreams, that most of the time it's our spirit naturally projecting itself into another realm. Thus making it seem so realistic and well confusing. In a journey I had a run in with a jackalope and believe me, the look on it's face when I was trying to talk to it was definitely "what the heck." Haha, these may also be things you've seen consciously but never fully engaged it in thought, but just kind of let roam in the back of your mind. Sorry if this doesn't quite help, but for any reason it should..either way blessed be friend.
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