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Favorite Tarot Spreads?

Forums ► Fortune Telling ► Favorite Tarot Spreads?
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Favorite Tarot Spreads?
Post # 1

Hey guys!

Long story short, the other night my best friend's grandma asked me to do a reading for her in their home. Basically, I ended up doing readings for each family member that night - that was about 7 or 8 readings (some asked for 2 readings) in total. She happily offered me $100 as payment for her reading alone, as she said I gave her a very accurate, insightful reading. My only issue was that I only used the Celtic Cross spread for each person because it is the only all-inquiry spread I know by heart, and after a while I found myself (and others, I'm sure) getting tired of seeing the same old spread each time around.

What I would like to know from all you readers (professional and recreational) is, which all-inquiry spread(s) - like the Celtic Cross in the way that the spread(s) can answer any type of question - do you prefer to use when you do readings for others?

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Re: Favorite Tarot Spreads?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

I use a lot of created spreads, either from myself or from others. I also get really complex with mine, so I'd have to show them rather than write about them (writing and reading about spreads is a pain anyway because I'm a highly visually oriented person). Best I could do is link to a photo, video, or drawing of what I'm talking about.

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Re: Favorite Tarot Spreads?
Post # 3
The Celtic Cross is a very good spread and like Eissy said creating ones is a very good idea, you can personalise them for both yourself as the reader and for the questioner.
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Re: Favorite Tarot Spreads?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Hey thtdancerguy,

I only know a few people who use the classic CC, but I do know more people who even their own spread or uses others spread. I know a professional who uses 3 cards, but she does the past, present , and future. Another friend of mine does the horseshoe spread. I personally use 3 cards and read whatever way I want to since I do not use any spread or position whatsoever.

For example:


I like to read the 2nd card first and see what I can get from that then I move on to the first card and after that the 3 card. I also try to find what each card has in common.

Example of one of my querent

My querent told me nothing about himself and just wanted to get a reading to see what I can see for him. I used my Ghost & Spirit Tarot.

I drew 3 cards for him, but I only remembered the 4 of Cups. That card was position in the middle (monkey in the middle) and I based that on his situation.

The card showed a drowning man floating, but here is the interesting twist. I did not noticed the man nor the ocean. What I noticed was the cup of coffee. I told him that his situation lays at his home. He told me how do I know and I said cause the coffee stood out. He said he did not saw a cup of coffee and see something else. I keep pointing out the coffee, but all he saw was parts of a broken ship. In the end, I just told him that it may be that I was not wearing my glasses and see things differently.

But what I am trying to say is that the middle card is an important factor for me since this is where the situation laid. Then I went to card 3 and 1 (I like to switch positions just to be creative). I don't read the standard RWS meaning. I go based on art, but that is my method.

Just work with whatever spread feels right for you instead of what we tell you. Make up your own spread or find the one you like best, okay.

Hope my tip gave you an understanding.

P.S. I never read with the CC, too much cards for me. As much as I like art that is just too much for me to digest. I like to keep mine plain and simple (lol).
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