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New to magick

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New to magick
Post # 1
Hey, I'm a 33 y/o male from Pittsburgh, Pa area that's looking into trying magick. I believe in paranormal occurrences and feel "things" that I can't explain all the time. I figure why not try to be a part or take part in this other plane of existence that is not part of everyone's perceived reality. I'm going to start tomorrow at midnight during the supermoon casting a love spell. Any advice or such would be welcome.
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Re: New to magick
Post # 2
The other plane or dimension is mostly known as the "Astral Realm" and it's a nice topic to study about. The astral is a parallel dimension to the physical one and one can enter this dimension through something called Astral Projection or Astral travel.

Astral projection is an OBE (out of body experience) where your soul is known to leave your body while it's attached to your corporal body with a silver cord. This practice takes years and years to be successful but surely is an enjoyable one.

You can seek more info about AP among the threads but could you please make your statement of "paranormal occurrences" clearer? Not all the things happening are paranormal. Sometimes, it's just a trick of mind where the mind creates the story and puts you in the middle of it and the reason is because all those horror movies have affected our subconscious and without being aware, for example when we hear a crack or something like that, since we're used to expect a horrific scene after the sound in movies, our mind creates that scene when it's not really happening. What I mean is when in a movie the scene A happens and afterwards the scene B, in real life when scene A happens, our subconscious reviews the movie in the memory so it CREATES the scene B itself. If you see what I mean.
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Re: New to magick
Post # 3
Nitya's right, Astral projection or Out of body experience (OBE) is a process through which our consciousness leaves our physical body and is free to travel anywhere. The astral body has some sort of connection with the physical one, commonly known as "the silver cord", which means you are connected to your physical body and will not "die" if you have an OBE. And yes, I would also agree with the "paranormal occurrences". I would also add something about strange things you may see in a dream. As Nitya mentioned, your mind can trick you. That's why I suggest people not to believe whatever they see in a dream, and interpret it their own way. It is true that your interpretation is the closest to reality, but chances are that you're mind is fooling you. If you have a question and you're looking for the answer in your dreams, I would suggest you to look for the answer in a lucid dream. Questions asked in a lucid dream will be answered by your higher self as far as I can remember.
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