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Post # 1
Hi everyone I'm new here
im a beginner i have casted a few spells but never seen any results can anybody help me am i doing something wrong i would appreciate some advice
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Re: spells
Post # 2
What I noticed when I first started casting spells was that what I was aiming for was not always at first seen. For example about 3 years ago I did a self confidence spell because I had just been laid off from a job that I loved, my son decided he wanted to go live with his dad, my cat ran away, and I was having great difficulty finding gainful employment. My confidence was at an all time low and so I decided I'd do a spell. At first I thought I'd do an employment spell but that really wasn't what the main problem was. So I opted for a self confidence spell. I did my research, designed my spell accordingly, and on an evening during the waxing moon I cast my spell. Silly me expected it to happen overnight but it didn't. I was somewhat let down and put all the remains of the spell in my cabinet and made notes on the results. It was funny, about 7 months after I did the spell my daughter decided to come live with me bringing her cat with her, I got an amazing job doing project work 150 miles away from home which caused me to have to find housing closer to where my employment was. I moved from home to a small town, high up on a mountains, far away from my family and friends. I loved it! When it was time to move back my husband and daughter came to pack me up and move me back home. While pacing up, my daughter was going through my cabinet looking at all the remains from my past spells (I save EVERYTHING) and she was asking me about each one. She came to the remains from my self confidence spell and asked about it. I laughed and said "it was a failed spell" she asked why to which I explained that my confidence was at an all time low and I thought it would help but it didn't. She said she disagreed with me because look where I had been for the last two years and that to her my confidence was amazing. I thought about it and the journey my path had taken me and I saw that she was indeed correct. I think it's hard to see at first if a spell has worked or not. I think sometimes what happens is that when we do spells we are asking for something and therefore the universe conspires in that wish. It's then up to us to keep our eyes open to the opportunities it's giving us and no matter how uncomfortable the opportunity makes us to take it because once the wish is made an answer to that wish is there, we just have to realize it. Sometimes it takes a little while and even (like in my case) someone else's eyes to show us that what we asked for was given. Hope this helps and Blessed Be :)
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