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I'm just Rox

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I'm just Rox
Post # 1
Hi. I am new here. I live in Southern California. My reason for joining this site is for personal rather than professional reasons. My job in life is as Kahuna. I work in the world as a Shamanic Healer and Medium,and of course, I am under the guise as "Reverend," but it is because too many people are so insistent on thinking that what the word "Kahuna" is has anything to do with surfing - it doesn't. It is a very big responsibility, as are all things in Spirituality are. I write a couple of blogs,books, and of course I publicly speak as an advocate against domestic abuse. To shake things up a little, I am a dancer who entertains at parties with my hula, but in the real, I use my hula as a means to teach other DV survivors how to heal themselves. I am a mom of three, have a wonderful person in my life whose name shall stay quiet, and yes, there is an issue that, after everything else I have done, tried, asked for, learned, taught...you name it...methinks the reason that the things that I have already employed has not worked for me is because aside of what I already do, the one thing that I know needs to be done is to learn more about the moon and her powers, about how to better and more efficiently (I don't know that that is even the correct word to use) utilize that energy.

At the moment, there is an issue that needs to be seen to, and it is an issue that I find that I must begin to ...cleanse... from my life and the lives of my three kids. It has been something that has plagued me for a quarter century and I am just completely over it.

I am glad to be here and to have the opportunity to learn what other things that I can do in regards to my professional life as a healer.

With that....Aloha Kakahiaka from the 9th Island of Southern California...I look forward to learning from you all

Mahalo Nui
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Re: I'm just Rox
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Aloha nui loa Rox: Life has many turns and twists and sometimes we get caught up in the hard lessons, but it is up to you to move on and start anew. You are on your chosen path for a reason and following your path the journey will be a lighter one with many blessings from the Alii. Keep up your great works and you will succeed in all endeavors.
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Re: I'm just Rox
Post # 3
Mahalo Nui Loa, WhiteAura1 ...

I am endeared to the Ali'i, as my grandmother was part of the great mahele, and, as well, this same Grandmother, my Tutu Wahine, who we all refer to, still, even as she is in Spirit Form, as "Nana." Nana tells me often that there is a specific reason as to why it is that things are as they are, but as I recall, she, too, was confounded as to the many times that she wanted things to be better, forgetting her earthly self long enough to be able to balance that which my grandfather found as a pleasure to often throw his monkey wrench into, so to speak.

Sometimes, as difficult as it seems to me to be, this density of the human experience often confounds me, because while I 'see' the truth that is actually and spiritually there, it is the density of things that seem to just get in the way. I give myself to the will of Spirit, to the guidance of my 'Aumakua, and in that manner, I am the Keiki o Ka'aina that I was meant to be. However, in the density that is tangible reality, I find that sometimes, even as I have continued to keep good Kuleana to what it is that I know is my duty in so far as my place in life as Kahuna Wahine Ali'i Nui, even "Mainland kine," it can be a lot to deal with to not mix the two when things are, on this plane, too much in an emotional manner for me to deal with and NOT defer to my gifts in the manner that I would like to defer to them.

You began your response with "Aloha Nui Loa," meaning that you likely understand what it is that I am saying when I mix my English with my ho'olelo, and no, haha, I cannot NOT think in the manner that I write these things out, as it is my Nana who constantly guides me, being carried to me and through me on 'na makani," the wind. It is when I am in tears that she comes to me, with her gentleness and her calming light.

Perhaps I am just being impatient, but really, I doubt it.

The name "Buck Chun," keeps playing in my ears, and that person is someone who was very special to my Tutu Wahine, and I am sure that there is a message that he has for me, but yeesh...the things that I have to deal with, or at least feel like I have to deal with on this plane only is making me ...I don't know...if I stated outright what it is that I believe myself to be dealing with I am sure that it would be the truth as whenever I write anything out, except for the one thing that I need guidance with, it all happens in a most beautiful manner...but this?

Mahalo nui loa for your words of encouragement, as they are well needed on this part of my journey

Aloha Kakou
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