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Gods/Goddesses help
Post # 1
I've been experimenting with different types of magic for about 6 years now. What I need to know are the names of different demons/gods/goddesses whatever that people use. I've gotten good results with Haitian Voodoo & the Lwas but I want to try something different. I'm going to get a lot of judgment for this but this is what I feel comfortable with and what fits me:

I've always been very drawn to "darker" magic. I love revenge spells, death spells and love spells to bind someone to you or make them love you. Basically manipulation, harm/suffering and controlling someone's free will I've always had great results with magic like that but I want to know some of the different idols/gods that people worship for spells like this. Let's say I was going to cast a death spell on this girl who wouldn't stop bullying me. Who would I call upon to assist me in magic like that? I recently did I blood spell with Baron Samedi about banishing this girl who's emotionally hurt me in more ways than you can imagine but I want something stronger.

I do believe in revenge. Big time. In high school there was this girl on my swim team that told her friends that I was a whore. Petty girl drama right? Well I did a death spell on her for that and for spirits to torment her. This type of excessive damage has always worked for me and I've never gotten anything negative back towards me.

Of course I have done spells for good in my life, I've just been more drawn to darker magic. It's almost like a path calling or something. If you could all leave your comments about what/who you call upon for things like this that would be lovely :)
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Re: Gods/Goddesses help
Post # 2
If you're looking for revenge, Nemesis might be the way to go. Here's some info on Her: You can also find information on Haides/Hades on that site. Just click on the Underworld Gods tab on the home page.
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Re: Gods/Goddesses help
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
You sound like you have more of an affinity to the lower worlds. Most people mistake it to be evil or destructive just because many areas of it are chaotic, deathy, and overall what most find to be "scary". But so are hospitals and mental wards. The lower worlds are 75% for rest and restoration. Otherwise it is for stabilizing and strengthening. Death is the ultimate pause within the cycle of life. Suffering is the ultimate form of mental and emotional (internal) anguish manifested.

But when you grow and develop a relationship with the beings of these worlds, you will understand the beauty of it, and that it is not at all "bad" nor should it be used for selfish means.

But it is easy, when working with these worlds, to be consumed by the influence of it. Like amplifies like, and if you already have scars, if you have been hurt and continue to feel it's sting, then you may want to steer clear of such work until you heal yourself. You are either apart of the system or in the system. Those that work as psychopomps and healers are apart of the system. Those that are in the system, are the poor souls that need help. The illusion of the place being destructive for destruction sake merely lures self destructive and outwardly destructive individuals. How else are they to be reaped when the time comes for their life cycle to pause?

May you find peace and guidance. Make your choices wisely, and if you choose to work with higher beings, find one that is known for teaching and counseling.
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Re: Gods/Goddesses help
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Other Paths from Site Spells Discussion.
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Re: Gods/Goddesses help
Post # 5
Thank you guys so much! :)
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