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By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Out of curiosity what are your opinions in tarot decks? What do you use your tarot for (for fortune telling, advices, to speak to your spirit guides, divination, a person tool, etc)? Do you cleanse it every time you use it? Is your tarot deck a sacred object or is it just cards that contain ink and paint? What is your favorite deck? And lastly, what is your favorite tarot card?

Oh ya,
when you do tarot readings what music do you play (punk, rock, pop, symphony, new age, etc) and what is your favorite song you associate with your tarot deck?

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Re: Curiosity
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I think a better question for me is what *don't* I use my tarot decks for? *laughs*

I don't cleanse my decks every time I use them. As just cards, yes, they are simply paper and ink, but through frequent use, my decks become imbued with my energies and I do consider them to be a sacred object.

I don't know if I could pick an all-time favorite deck... I guess it depends on my mood, honestly. Some of my favorites are: Anna K Tarot, DruidCraft, Golden Universal, Shadowscapes, Crystal Vision, and many more, haha.

My favorite CARD? Oh, even tougher there. Again, it depends on my mood.

Quite frankly, I often have Star Trek on in the background during tarot readings. :-P Sound doesn't usually affect me much. I'm more of a visual person.
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Re: Curiosity
Post # 3
Love my tarot deck. I like the feel of the cards in my hands. I used playing cards for years but when I saw the cards I use (Wild Unknown), they inspired a much different, deeper reading that I had ever been able to produce. I use the cards to "see". I do not cleanse them every time. The cards are sacred. My favorite card is the two of cups.

When I conduct a reading, there is so much "noise" coming through that I have to have complete silence to sort it out. Hope that helps.
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Re: Curiosity
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
My opinions in tarot cards leans more in the artistic side then any other thing. I'm a writer so it helps my creativity flow.

I think my first answer tells you what I use my tarot cards for though I won't lie. I do use my tarot cards for personal reasons (more like actually understanding my situation in a different perspective).

Nope, I don't even bother cleansing my deck. It is like playing cards. Do you cleanse your playing cards when you play poker or solitare? No. Me either (lol).

Sorry, but my tarot cards are just ink and paper to me. I like tarot cause of the art. I'm an artist, so the art is definitely important to me. Nothing more, nothing less.

I can't choose which is my favorite tarot cards cause I like too many. The top 6 are Victorian Romantic tarot, Ghost & Spirit tarot, Picture Postcard Tarot, Stolen Child tarot, tarot of the Sweet Twilight, and Bohemian Gothic tarot (okay I got more, but then I'll have to make a big list)

My favorite card is the Empress.

Okay I'm guilty. I eat cake (sometimes), listening to music that best fit the question (or listen to Ohne Dich by Christina Stürmer) while doing readings. But music relaxes me when doing readings and cake well it just tastes good (lol).

My favorite song that usually associates with my tarot cards depends in which deck I use.

So hope that explains my reasons and give people an idea that not everyone use tarot for fortune telling only, but other purposes as well.

P.S. I want to inform you guys that just cause I do not think of them as sacred objects does not mean I do not take care of my cards. That is blasphemy I tell you (okay I'm being dramatic, but you'll take care of it too if it cost you hundreds of dollars for all your decks put together).
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Re: Curiosity
Post # 5
What do I use my deck for?

Hmm. I would definitely say I use it for friends and guidance, I had one experience where I felt a 'presence', tho I wouldn't swear it was there, but that's as far as spirit contact went with the deck there. I also use it for the occasional contemplation and have thought of using them in a working, but I think I will wait on that.

Do I cleanse every time?

No, I find cutting and shuffling the deck is enough for me. As long as the focus of that cut and shuffle is to cleanse. I do try to cleanse and energize my deck in a more formal manner. I let it suck in moonlight, run my energy through the individual cards and then shuffle them for good measure.

Is it a sacred object?

Not really. I treat it like a friend, I don't toss it about or make it sleep on the floor, but it doesn't get special treatment really. I am respectful of my deck, but I wouldn't put it on any pedestals.

Favorite deck? Card?

I've only used my Gilded set, but I want to expand into using just playing cards for divination and workings instead of my deck. I don't have a favorite card, but the one I find to represent me currently would be the three of cups.

I don't play music generally, but I'd probably play a cello concerto in the background.
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Re: Curiosity
Post # 6
For me, I think some of the most important aspects of a tarot deck is the personal appeal to a certain deck. If you do not have it then you will not enjoy it as much. Secondly, I think the cards have to be nicely illustrated that actually depict the point of the card. I have seen some cards that did not provide much information for me to look at and interpret. Some have waaayyy too much going on in them. For example, I recently purchased a black and white deck based on Hermeticism... I cannot use them. There is just so much detail. Things are written in Hebrew, the lack of color, many different symbols and it gets overwhelming.

I mostly use my cards for when other people have questions. I occasionally use them on myself but that is much less frequent. These are usually in a form of divination. I used to clean my deck whenever someone else touched them when I did not want them to be touched. Now, whenever I have them out (they are kept in a little box) and someone touches them outside of a reading, I will go up to them and teach/embrace/question/get involved with them. This to me helps put more energy into the cards and perhaps help them pick a card they may want/need to read.

It is kept in a particular spot at all times; however, I will grab them and put em in my carry around back and will travel amongst random items. I do keep very good care of them.

I only have one deck that I use (other deck is too complicated for me at this point and will take a lot of time to read into at this point.) I prefer my only deck though.. I feel I put so much energy into them that they.... understand me. It seems strange but the cards and energy seem have their way of communicating with me by understanding my sense of humor. Particular cards have an interesting way of reappearing at certain times.

I have a Rider Waite deck but I am interested in the Deviant Moon deck. I do not have a favorite card.

I need to focus so any music to be played would be instrumental. I usually just prefer the silence but I am a musician and have no qualms with it playing in the background.
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Re: Curiosity
By: / Novice
Post # 7
Tarot cards are fortune telling tools relying on your clairvoyant side, but it can be used for many different things. It can be used as a symbol, and there are as many decks as there are spreads and interpretations. It's best to get a feel for them and learn the meaning yourself instead of relying on others interpretations. Granted each card has the same basic meaning [death means change for example] I do feel people put too much faith in tarot feeling they can guide them and tell them exactly what will happen and where they should go.

I'm wanted to get better with my tarot, I normally use it for fortune telling, but I've just started doing a daily reading for myself. [I shuffle and pull one card to see what the day will be like] but I've also been looking into spellcasting with cards.

Tarot can be bogged down with energy, buy I cleanse them after so many readings [10-20 depending on how many in a given amount of time] there's only been one time where I felt they needed a cleansing. I did a reading and it read for me, I cleansed them and re-read, fixed it. I think it was because I hadn't used them in a couple months. It's a tool when cleansed and charged. Personally I prefer people shuffling the deck and focus on their question to charge the cards, which is why I cleanse them often. [But I don't read on a regular basis so I can let it slide]

Favourite deck is my dragon deck. I have received a couple decks over the years, and I haven't been a huge fan. I still have them, and there are things about them I like, but its not the same as the dragon deck. My favourite card... I've got a few actually lol. I don't like drawing the card in a reading, but the artwork on the three of swords I really like. The world, the high priestess, the queen of cups, knight of swords, the tower and the devil are top on my list for meaning or artwork. My favourite is either the Queen of Cups or The Moon. Art wise with my dragon deck I like The Moon more, but for meaning, its very close.

I've never played music when reading. I tend to read on the kitchen table, and the tv/radio is rather close and most readings I've done someone has been watching tv or playing music. I'll give it a try to see if music effects the reading, but I doubt it.
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Re: Curiosity
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
Hi Nekoshema,
I seen as well experienced that music does gives you insight in a reading. I am not saying all since there are readers who does find music distracting. A few samples are:

Before doing a reading tell your querents to give you their favorite songs then do the reading while listening to their songs.

Another one is when a reader gives you their question draw out their cards. Look at the pictures afterwards find a song that best suits the question and cards. Then do the reading.

Or ...

You can be like me. Just play any music you like (Prayer of the Refugee - Rise Against :D ) and just do the reading. There is no harm in doing that. It definitely does not harm the reading. :)
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