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Post # 1
I'm new to the whole witch ordeal. I've always been interested since I was a little girl and recently I searched the 13 powers and realized I nailed practically every single one.

I would like some advice on a couple of things:
1. what exactly should I do? Are there things I should know before trying anything. Or do I just go straight into it?
2. My parents are Christian and never liked even the thought of witchcraft because they see it as religion. How do I handle this? In secret? Is there a why to keep my christian beliefs while handling witchcraft? Meaning that I won't have to worship any other god, etc.
3. Since my parents are against it how am I going to preform any spells?

Please I need advice on these things. I feel lost and confused, but at the same time I know that it's right.

Sabrina Noel
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Re: Help?
Post # 2

Hey, wlecome to the site! Beofre i answer your question I just have to say two things. Firstly witchcraft is hardly an "ordeal" :P Most practitioners find magic very enlightening and positive. Secondly, wht do you mean by "the 13 powers" and where did you find this list of things that make you a witch?

1. Head over to Newbie Central to find a more detailed list of suggestions. The first thing you should do though is read and research. Look around the site and see if anything particuaily interests you and if something does research that some more. Spend some time just getting to know magically theories, corrospondences and ohter useful bits of infomation. I would suggest that meditation is a good place to start before trying to cast any spell. There are lots of forums here with tips and techniques for meditation. You can also find guided meditations on YouTube which can be helpful.

2. You can absolutely be a Christian witch. How you deal with your parents can be a bit more complicated. Your parents can legally tell you what you can and can not do. Having said that, there are a lot of younger witches who are still in the "broom closet" (myself included). I would suggest that you read some of the Christian witch beliefs that others have, get what you believe sorted in your own head (take some time to do this) and then sit down with your parents and try to explain it. If they're not the listening type, then this might just be a storm you have to weather out until you become an adult. It's sad but true.

3. As I said before, a lot of people are struggling with the same issues. When I first started practicing, my sacred space was my bathroom because it was the only room in the house with a lock and running a bath is a great way of explaining the candles, incense and the long time I was spending in there :P There are lots of spells. Some require big drawn out rituals, others are simple and quiet. I find writing your own spells is a great way to ensure the spell doesn't require ingredients, time or money you don't have. So, it really comes down to how much you're willing to defy your parents.

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Re: Help?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
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Re: Help?
Post # 4
For your answers I would

1.) Do some further research on witchcraft. Practice meditation
Just Practice practice practice is all I can tell you.

2.) Sit down with your parents and try to explain that for you its not so much a religion more of a way to help you and others get through life. Then if they still wont allow it do it in secret. Yes, you can still do witchcraft without worshiping any other gods. Just simply switch the other god/godesses name out with lord or Jesus Christ.

3.) Honestly its not always easy hiding it from your parents. (My whole family is against it so I have to hide) I just wait untill everyone in the house is asleep then walk on my pourch to do spells ect. There is still alot you might not be able to do because of lack of materials but you will get use to it

For awhile your going to feel alone and confused but it gets easier I promise :).
If you have any other questions just mail me and ill be sure to answer them with the best of my ability
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Re: Help?
Post # 5
'Secondly, wht do you mean by "the 13 powers" and where did you find this list of things that make you a witch?'

During my research I found that old Wiccan times there were considered 13 powers. 13 traits to show you have witch potential, or something around that same line. For example a couple of the examples is whether you feel or not that storms are created by you,if you feel attracted to the moon changes, and your empathic link to animals. That sort of thing. IDK I read it a couple of nights ago and it gave me the extra push to perform my first spell.
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Re: Help?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
This thread has been moved to Other Paths from Comments.
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Re: Help?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7

The material that you read about the "13 powers" is inaccurate and has absolutely nothing to do with Wicca. I note that the whole idea was taken from something written by Silver Ravenwolf who is notoriously inaccurate in the material she publishes in her books.

Wicca and Witchcraft are not the same thing at all. Wicca is a religion with specific beliefs and practices. It has nothing to do with spells although Wiccans do use magic in their rituals. Many, if not most, Wiccans I know rarely if ever cast a spell. You might want to read the article here "What Wicca Is and Isn't" that you can find at http://www.spellsofmagic.com/read_post.html?post=637268 You'll probably want to take some time to research a bit more about the differences between Wicca and Witchcraft before you decide whether these are paths you wish to take.

Since Wicca is a religion one would need to follow the beliefs of that religion and Wicca is specifically polytheistic, in other words believing in more than one God. The traditional deities of Wicca are the Lady of the Moon and the Horned God. There are those who claim to be Christian Wiccans; however, in my opinion they are neither Christian nor Wiccan. You can't sit on the fence. Be one or be the other.

Wicca is not ancient. Wicca was the result of the writings of Gerald Gardner in the 1940's and 1950's. It was once thought that it was ancient but that has long been disproven.

Neither Wiccans nor Witches create storms. We don't have the sort of power that it takes to control the weather; although we may on occasion work with the weather.

There is some truth in the other so-called "powers", but some of the claims are misleading.

Truth be told, you don't have to be a Wiccan or a Witch to do these things and none of them have anything to do with having special powers. With belief, hard work, and study almost anyone can accomplish at least some of them to one degree or another. Witches and Wiccans are not some special and powerful beings, they are humans just like any other.

If you're not interested in a religion, then Wicca probably isn't for you. But if you would like to research it further I'd be happy to point you at some reliable resources.

Or if it's merely the ability to cast spells that interests you I can suggest some great books to read that you might find helpful.

Finally, I would say that when you are living in your parent's house you should honor their feelings and their rules. That only shows your love and respect for them. You have plenty of time to study and practice spells. In the meantime there are lots of things you can learn about such as herbalism, mythology, other religions, history of various cultures, crystals and stones, etc. All of these will be good foundation for your later magical practice.

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Re: Help?
By: / Novice
Post # 8
I'm glad I wasn't the only one wondering what the "13 powers" were. :-P
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