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no teaching needed

Forums ► Misc Topics ► no teaching needed
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no teaching needed
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
People always seem to ask for a teacher on religion~paganism well nobody can choose how you live your faith you must learn for yourself.learning things such as Wicca requires making your own opinions,discoveries etc.you have to be able to note if something you hear is not right to you what you feel is true . Does anyone agree?
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Re: no teaching needed
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Teachers are meant to help you. If you aren't taught certain topics then you won't know how to do it or know if it even exist at all. A teacher isn't suppose to spoon feed you. They are meant to help you so you can have your own personal experience. A website, person, or whatever has the ability to teach you and set a starting line. Some members use SoM as a starting point in their practice and advance on. We all have our own personal experiences but we also are helped by our parents, friends, family, etc. Those are our teachers as well. They teach us things in life to help us reach our goals and to gain experience but no experience is the same. A good teacher knows that and won't force something onto you. That is my belief of a good teacher but everyone has their own belief and maybe there is a situation once or twice in life were someone does force something onto you.

Perhaps no one can truly choose how you live your faith. It is your choice to believe in what you do rather you hide it or not. Some countries and places don't have the same religious freedom such as the US and those people don't get a chance to learn about other religions outside their country. Religions give you guidelines but your belief is personal but the basics of that belief can be shared among many. Just like your relationship to a god or goddess. Your relationship is personal but that basic concept of the god or goddess that you can find online, a book, or whatever is shared among many. Plus the discoveries you make can be discoveries made in the past by someone else. I know I can think of something and someone else has thought of it too.

Some people follow the beliefs and practices of others because that is how they were raised. It's sometimes not because someone chose for them. In certain cultures, it is possible to not have a choice but that is their culture and what they believe in. I may not believe in how they do things but I am not going to say it's wrong because that is their way of life and survival. It's like how some cultures choose the future husband of a woman.

Everyone has to make their own choices in life but sometimes choices are made together. You might have several situations where you may not have much of choice like when you're a child. Even as an adult, you may not have the option to go somewhere or do something because you don't have a way or don't have enough money.

Choice is something that is believed in different ways and not something that should be argued over.
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Re: no teaching needed
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Comments.
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Re: no teaching needed
Post # 4

The best teacher is first hand experience. I'm not sure why there are such long responses here. It is relatively simple:

You can learn from others and you can learn from yourself.
Learn from art, learn from books, learn from pain.

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