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What Are Wands Used For?

Forums ► General Info ► What Are Wands Used For?
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What Are Wands Used For?
Post # 1
Please tell me all the many uses for using a wand and how it helps.
Please make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of using a wand, as I am a beginner witch.
Thank you for all your help (:
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Re: What Are Wands Used For?
Post # 2

Wands are used to direct and focus energy. It's not like the wands from Harry Potter or whatever, cause that isn't possible.

You can use different things to direct energy. Like athames, or your finger, and even a pencil if you have nothing else. A wand doesn't have to be a fancy carved stick if you don't want it to be. Most people prefer to take a piece of wood from a tree after asking permission from the tree and giving it an offering (such as water) and then taking it and using it as a wand.

I really don't think there are any disadvantages to making a wand. I recommend reading these articles before you make a wand.



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Re: What Are Wands Used For?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
The only thing I can think to add is one advantage of using a wand over just your finger is a wand can either be made out of a material such as a form of gemstone or have gemstones placed on it. This is useful as certain gemstones have properties that make them useful in magick, such as clear quartz can be used to store energy. I personally don't have a wand myself but I have easily used objects that can be used as a substitute ranging from my finger or simple knife to a obelisk shaped stone, so a wand in my mind can be pretty simple because as stated above a wand is simply used to help direct your energy.
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Re: What Are Wands Used For?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Wands are used for directing energy - which has already been stated. They can be made of wood, metal, gemstones and even certain types of seashells can be used. A lot of witches use them to cast circle and direct the energies of a spell or ritual working. Then can also be used to direct healing energy like the ones people design for working with the chakras. The wand has a lot of use but it can also be substituted for the athame in use and on the altar. Wands are associated with the element air and sometimes fire depending on tradition. Therefore it can be used to represent the element on the altar. It is also a symbol of the male aspect in the tools common on the witch's altar. Because of this it can be used for the symbolic version of the "great rite" instead of the athame.

The main advantage of a wand is that you can customize it. Traditionally a wand is the length from your middle finger to your elbow, but not everyone goes by that anymore. Woods can be picked by properties allowing for customizing it to certain Sabbats or ritual use. Plus making your own wand allows it to be more in tune with your energies creating a better connection between witch and tool. Adding decorative pieces like gemstones, feathers, ribbons, wood burned designs, copper wire and etc will also aid in creating the wand to work more in a manner you wish.

The disadvantages include that if they are made of natural materials like gemstones and wood, they can break. I've known people who have sat on their wooden handmade wands causing them to snap. Or a small gemstone wand can get knocked off the altar and fall to the ground shattering into pieces. And then there is an issue with some people just feel silly holding a wand as it makes them feel like they are playing make believe instead of dealing with real magick.

For more on wands check out www.witchschool.com as they have a free lesson on wands you can sign up for. Its not the greatest, but it does have some good info. But even better is "Wandlore: The Art of Crafting the Ultimate Magical Tool" by Alferian Gwydion MacLir. I was very happy to see when this book came out as wands have always fascinated me.

Good luck on learning more about wands!
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