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Clairvoyant Reading?

Forums ► Fortune Telling ► Clairvoyant Reading?
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Clairvoyant Reading?
Post # 1
I'm going through a real tough time right now. My fiance is not sure if she wants to be with me or move back in with me. She said she is no longer in love but loves me as a friend. She said she feels like she can fall back in love with me. We have been best friends for 10 years, dated almost 2 years, and been engaged since April 6th. Her name is Mary and her DOB is 3-15-87. My name is Forest and my DOB is 10-10-79. Mary has also been cheating on me for about 3 months with a guy named Casey. We have been separated since late January. I really want her to move back in with me and marry me. Nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. I feel like I may have pushed her away and that may be part of the reason she cheated. Please don't tell me to walk away or once a cheater always a cheater. I am not ready to walk away and feel like MAry is my twin flame or soul mate. We are still in contact and she says she never wants to lose me as a friend. I told her the only way to make sure of that is if we get married. She said she will let me know if she is going to move back in with me on June 10th. If you have the gift of clairvoyance or psychic ability please let me know what you see. Most psychics I have talked to say she really loves me deep down and she will come back in time. Please be honest with what you see. And if you are not truly psychic don't just give you opinion here. Thanks
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Re: Clairvoyant Reading?
Post # 2
Did you get any answers?
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Re: Clairvoyant Reading?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
I know this is 1mo old, but since it wasn't answered...

First of all, psychology and science have come to believe that cheating is in our genes! It is not an "excuse" but it does demonstrate that the tendency to either cheat or be loyal is a born trait. With anything born, it can be overcome but not easily. First of all, she would need to want to change and overcome it. Most people say they want to change when they really have no intentions to try.

My own opinion on this woman is that you should remain friends. If she really wants you, she will make an effort. You should not be going after her. She should get some form of therapy for her cheating behavior. It could be born or it could very well be nothing more than insecurity. Although it is upsetting to be cheated on, more people need to be aware that it is not an option for people but more of a behavior issue that either must be accepted or treated. If you don't mind having an "open relationship" than maybe marriage could be in your future with this girl, but if you can't except the idea of knowing those lips aren't just yours to kiss, you should look elsewhere. You have a long road ahead of you with this girl. Good luck! You'll need it.
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