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Demon Identification

Forums ► Spiritual Creatures ► Demon Identification
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Demon Identification
Post # 1
Alright, so has anyone had a dream they realized wasn't just a dream. A dream that sticks with you for years, and is always as vivid as the day you had it? If so congratulations! You my friend are not alone! Yet, that vary dream that has made me toss and turn is not what I'm trying to interpret hear merely the "people" I met within it. So, hear I go, It was near the end of the and I had just went though and seen all form of Hell on Earth, I vividly remember the panic and fear that was pulsing threw me at the time. It was then I found my home, and just as I had opened the door it all crumbled away, as I walked threw the said door I was transported. I found myself once again lost this time on a island made of nothing but cold baron rock, it was a very dark grey on the borderline of black, and it was jagged. Jagged enough that if someone were to try lay down on it I would have had to tell them that suicide is simply not worth it. As I looked around the island I could find nothing, except one lone object a bed, more specifically, my bed, even down to bed sheets everything was perfect. I remember thoughts of hope fluttering threw my head. "Free!" I thought "Free at last" . I laid down, full of hope, full of joy, only to have that plan crushed by countless chains that poped out from all part of the bed, as if the bed itself was made of them. After I was secured, way more than what is necessary for just about any normal human being, the bed was lifted. At first it was just me tilting forward, but as soon as the bed hit 90 degrees, we shot upward, in what I swear was just the perfect balance of violence and grace I now come to expect from such "gatherings" as you could call them. As I came to a graceful stop in the sky I saw three being standing before me yet some how I sensed a fourth, but yet could never locate it. As for the three "Entity" that I could see, hear were there descriptions.
The First was a light-skinned female with long black hair that was down to about the middle of her lower back. She wore that some what stereotypical witch girl outfit (The Kinky kind of course :3), and yet there was a feeling of practicality, which believe me isn't the first thing I think when I see THAT standing in-front of me. Now, all fetishes aside there is one more thing I should probably mention about this entity. It would not speak, no matter how much you yelled, or taunted, or cried (I was a kid), she would not show any reaction, let alone speech. And it stayed this way until a large serpent came out from the very water that surrounded the island. It was then that her face moved, and her mouth made words. Yet they were not her words, not only that but the pitch of the voice was off from what you'd come to expect from a being like that. It was deeper, and what I want to call blocky than what I'd expect from a normal person. Not only that but every time she talked the amount of energy radiating would not only change, but would skyrocket, creating eminence pressure when she would speak. The demon soon noticed my reaction to this and began lowering the amount of pressure given off, probably for communication reasons.
The Second being was a much more... morbid creature. His eye's were red, beady, yet sporadic. His teeth, were sharpened like sharks teeth, and his smile spreed though out the entire lower section of his face. His hair was spiked, yet not in any general direction every follicle seemed to go in whatever direction it pleased, but it always was strait. The only time I herd him speak was when he got real close when he was "inspecting" me sorta like a ape seeing something new for the first time. Yet there was a aura around that made me panic, yet I didn't know why. He meant me no harm, because if he had I'd say those teeth could have done some serious nomming if he wanted to. The Last thing I feel I should bring up about this individual Is the fact that he could only speak in gibberish, aka three simultaneous words max. So yea, strange fellow.
The Third spirit is a much more simpler one. A small albino boy, seemingly not much older than your average 5th grader. He seemed like a simple child wearing glasses, dressed in a fine little suit, with matching pair khakis, two little leather shoes, all of which were white, without a touch of pigment. There were only two odd things about this child. One, was that you could nearly never see his eyes, they were always covered by ether the glare of his glasses or this weird mirror he had always seemed to have. Which was the second thing I was guna mention but don't really feel like describing in detail right now. So that's the demons, and a descent fraction of my disturbing dream. Names and/or resources are mostly what I'm looking for but honestly any help with identification will be much appreciated. :)
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Re: Demon Identification
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

I thoughly enjoyed your post. I loved the humor you added in. The way you spoke, I could tell that this was indeed something you are very familiar with.

When I first began reading, I felt it seemed very much like the mental and emotional realms within (microcosm) and I felt for sure this "demon identification" would be a simple "inner demon" personification within the shadows of your mind.

But then you were transported, while in bed mind you. Fantastic symbolism right there. A+ on the artistic touch. You shot up and I'm guessing out of your body. That "I'm flying/falling" is the sense many get when they are reaching a state of consciousness that allows them to travel successfully. Sometimes I feel like I'm spinning and falling simultaneously. Now that's really fun stuff! Sleeping creates this state perfectly but for some odd reason, the feeling still follows if we can recall it. Your dream was entirely lucid, so you did.

It honestly seems like a show. The witchy woman seemed like an illusion, especially since she wouldn't talk. She only spoke when the serpent came around but the voice didn't fit. Bad ventriliquist he was! I think the serpent was the illusion maker. Serpents tend to be connected with high intellect and trickery. So that first one was most likely the snake itself. And since he was trying so hard (and failing) to create a convincing female, I'd say he was trying to seem less scary to you. That's a good sign.

The wild haired, sharp teethed male seems like your typical nature spirit to me. Did you expect them to look like Tinkerbell? You don't want to look into folk tale depictions within europe and asia. No, that big grin of all incisors is a common sight and the spikey hair. You don't find it odd when your cat has these teeth. Of course, cats generally don't smile either. Unless it's the fictional Cheshire Cat of Alice and Wonderland. If Lewis Carroll wasn't thinking of nature spirits when he made that character, I don't know what! (Love it btw!)

The last one is...odd. I'm not sure what to make of that one. Mirrors are typically another illusionist trick. The eyes were hidden, and that's another tell tale sign that something is being hidden.

But if the first two were more "wild" and "natural" than infernal, than I'm guessing their company is too. What most consider "demons" these days are generally nature spirits, and this seems to be no exception. Infernal spirits are far more creepy than what you described and when they try to look human, they do a really bad job of it and it ends up just looking overall distorted.

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