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Demonic exorcism?

Forums ► Astral Projection ► Demonic exorcism?
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Demonic exorcism?
Post # 1
So last night I had a dream that my mother was possessed by a demon and I exorcised her, in my dream I started slowly provoking the demon to see if would talk it did but didnt hurt me..my mum said something snide then walked into the kitchen to avoid me the like somehow a crucifix appeared into my hand and I sort of grabbed her by the shoulder and pulled her down to the ground onto my knee and almost drove the demon out of her but I woke up so I later continued the dream when I was aware of what I was doing, I turned into a dragon and this time forced the demon out of her she had a crazed look in her eye and was hyperventilating just like when I performed the exorcism I faced the demon while wrapping my mum in a white cloud of protection then I ripped the demons head off with my teeth and opened a portal to hell and threw him into it then sealed it with a cross and prayer. I woke up at like 3:55am scared like crazy and just prayed. I searched what the dream meant but couldnt find much aside from people saying the demon I faced was real and I had a calling from god but its strange I fell asleep around 5am ish with by ipad balanced on my bed side against the wall (my mum sleeps on exactly the other side of the wall) she said that she woke up to a loud thud on that wall like something heavy fell down the side of my bed normally that wouldve been my ipad but it was still on my bed just face down it had fallen but not down the side of my bed..so um what did? Kind of freaking out a bit right now what do you guys make of the situation? Ive only ever had a dream like this once before but with someone I didnt know. What do you think I should do next? Im hopeless at casting powerful spells so yeah..please help.. Oh and im 14 and christian (my mums a hindu) if that helps in anyway..
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Re: Demonic exorcism?
Post # 2
Oh and I keep seeing things about exorcisms and crosses etc. ever since the dream..
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Re: Demonic exorcism?
Post # 3

If you are really concerned perform an exorsicism. There is information online and it couldn't hurt. Most likely it was just a dream resulting from things on your subconscious mind. You could also try cleansing and protecting your home if you are worried. To do this, burn sage in a metal or glass container. Walk through your home with it from back to front, pushing the negative energy out the door. You could call on help from guides, angels, gods/goddesses or anything like that if you want.

To protect simply visualize a bubble of brilliant gold or white light completely surrounding your home blocking out all negative energy.

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