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A Constant Dream

Forums ► Misc Topics ► A Constant Dream
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A Constant Dream
Post # 1
Can you help me? I've been having this dream for the past few months. My friends and I are walking at the edge of the Grand Canyon and all around us we see smoke. heavy grey smoke every where in the sky. and I don't know why but there are these rows and rows of red wagons. and for some strange reason I am set to find the only white wagon. then the seen changes and I'm in the forest with my friends still but a few are missing. we are running from people hunting us. we go inside this cabin and barricade the doors and windows. all of the sudden we find this pure white puppy upstairs. and it instantly becomes mine. Then the seen changes again and I am now hunting this white deer. i have a bow and arrow in hand. ready to take the shot. it is just me out in the forest with the deer. I go to pull the arrow back and take one last look at the deer and right when I'm about to let go, the deer turns into my ex friend'>boyfriend / new best friend Nic. I had let the arrow go before I knew what it was changing into and it pierced his heart and he vanished into thin air.. and the final seen came. the hunter where back and this time they had me and Nic and six of my other friend. I watched them kill three of my friends and then tried fighting back all that got me was a knife to the right leg. so I'm on the ground outside in a forest at like a camping park by the dumpsters. and I'm on the floor screaming blood gushing from my leg and Nic is trying to distract the hunter to save my life but it doesn't work. I look over and see a white rabbit run into the forest before one of the hunters put his gun to my head and pulled the trigger.. then wake up. I have had that dream since about eight months ago. I have had that dream about six times since the first one. I know that during that ONE DREAM ( yes that was all just one dream) is that I am looking for something really important to me and the only person I feel like I can trust would be Nic. I feel like I could trust him with my life. and that was before me and him ever dated. or before we broke up too. I can remember almost all of my dreams. in very great details. what does all the white in this dream have to deal with? and why am I feeling so drawn to Nic? A lady read my palm. I didn't believe she was telling the truth until she guessed my birthday spot on. she told me that Nic is my soul mate. and that by the time I am 19 I should be wearing his ring on my hand and taking his last name. and if not by the time I am 19 then I wont find true love. Is she right? Could he be the one for me? I know this last part had nothing to do with my dream I just would like someone else views on that topic also. Please and thank you. -Valarie
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Re: A Constant Dream
Post # 2

In the start of your story, you made some very interesting points and facts. When I was reading I immedately thought of some significant times in history involving the Grand Canyon. In 1869 The Powell Expedition started.

Though, what makes this even more interesting is that you said people were hunting you. The Havasupai people have lived along the Canyon for hundreds of years , they were infact an American Indian tribe. I thought I'd through those facts it can help you puzzle your dreams together, therefore it brings up more questions than answers. Although it's very diffcult to personally explain what're going through but I'm sure others will jump in and find a more rational answer.

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Re: A Constant Dream
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Fortune Telling.
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Re: A Constant Dream
By: / Novice
Post # 4
The thing about Dream Interpretation is that pretty much, no one else can discern the meaning but you because it is your dream, your feelings and memories that evoked it into your subconscious while you slept.

Telling someone the dream won't really tell you anything besides their interpretation which may not being the actual meaning behind the dream. Bare that in mind and go and think over what your subconscious is trying to tell you
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Re: A Constant Dream
Post # 5
Fortune telling is all good and well but I believe fortune telling is more reading the person than the future. Many dreams can be interpreted differently by different people. To me this dream sounds like you have too much drama in your life and feel guilty about being with this guy. That is just my take on it. You will get a different answer depending on what dream translation book or belief you look at. I gave my practical opinion. Take it or not. Do not believe for a minute a palm reader can seal your fate with a mere reading. Who you choose to be with and who you are meant to be with may be two very different things and may not happen until you are 30 or 50. Who can say for sure. Things like love should never be rushed, never ve forced and never confused with lust or infactuation. Hope that helps. :-)
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Re: A Constant Dream
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6

Red and White. Very significant. White wagon, white puppy, white deer, white rabbit.

The deer turns into the only one you feel you can trust. So white is purity and trust.

The white rabbit leaves you before your life's end. When you find the white puppy, you instantly claim it as yours. You are searching for a white wagon you cannot find.

It seems clear to me that you are searching for security and comfort in something or someone you can trust. Your life right now probably feels a bit crazy and stressed. Maybe you recently lost a good friend and your social circle is shaken. Maybe you feel like everyone around you is not to be trusted at all, that you're practically alone and you are searching for someone to lean on. You shot the deer, so you feel you will ruin the good thing you have with this one person you value. Possible fear (totally normal when we finally find what we want) or underlying low self esteem.

Trust issues is a big problem. No worries, I have them too. Most of us do. But some people let them run their life. They hide behind a big wall they build to defend themselves from getting hurt. I think you've been hurt in the past by people, and you want to trust again, but you are having difficulty finding those people.

We cannot live life without getting hurt. We have to trust a little to know if we can trust someone. But it's worth it because when we do find the people we can trust, it's invaluable. Don't wear your heart on your sleeve, but don't hide it either. You have a big heart, and it obviously wants to care. So let it. And when you get hurt, brush yourself off and keep going. If you limit yourself to only a few people the likelihood of being devestated when people let you down is far higher. The more you have, the more support you have when life goes sour for a short time.

But that's just a guess ;)

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