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I've tried explaining to my grandparents that Easter was originally pagan. They wouldn't hear it and they told me I had no idea what I was talking about. :/ I wish they could see that super duper long post about the history of Easter. But I can't show it to them and they would still be in denial. :/
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Re: Ostara / Easter
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 12
Yes, the long Post was very good! And shows that beliefs change over time.One of the problems about festivities is the New Testament of the Bible; a mish-mash of beliefs from Roman,Greek, Christian, and many of the Pagan beliefs.
Take the story of the Easter Bunny; a rabbit? In ancient witchcraft it was a Hare! The reason for this was because Fowl were often allowed to "roam", and would often lay eggs in a hollow, perhaps under a bush. The Hare also lives in such a hollow (Not underground as a rabbit!). So it was a popular belief that Hares laid eggs!
And that's where the Easter Bunny comes from. Just another of many "beliefs" that have changed over the centuries.
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